Why You Should Choose a Concrete Patio Instead of a Lawn

In Melbourne, the European tradition of a landscaped garden of flowering plants and a lawn still holds strong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well to either the harsh Australian climate or to the lifestyle of modern professionals. It’s little wonder then, that so many home owners are rejecting the garden and lawn landscaping trope to seek low maintenance alternatives. This week, we take a look at why one of those landscaping alternatives, concrete patios, is increasingly replacing lawn in outdoor recreation and entertainment areas.


Water saving

Grass is a greedy plant when it comes to hydration, and it takes constant watering to keep alive. The amount of water required to keep a lawn looking lush over the harsh Melbourne summer is simply incompatible with the country’s meagre fresh water resources, so most suburban lawns spend the warmer months looking parched and yellow. Because Australia lacks the high rainfall of European countries, most homeowners simply do not have the resources available to maintain a lawn and are choosing to radically reduce the water demands of their outdoor areas by opting for patios instead.

Less pollutants

Because it’s an imported plant, lawns require a lot of additives and chemicals in order to thrive. Although with most plants, the environmental cost of things like fertilisers and herbicides is outweighed by the plant’s air cleaning capabilities, grass is a poor air purifier and simply cannot offset the damage done by the number of pollutants required to maintain it. Replacing your lawn with a paved area not only reduces the maintenance costs associated with keeping lawn alive, it also reduces the overall carbon footprint of your household.

Minimal maintenance

When it comes to yard care, few single elements take up quite as much time, money, tools and energy as a lawn does. Because of this, many busy modern homeowners simply do not have the time to keep their lawn looking good and once overgrown, it detracts rather than adds to the appearance of the property. A patio made of a durable material such as exposed aggregate concrete on the other hand, requires next to no maintenance and enhances the overall appearance of your property.

Resale value

As the popularity of indoor/outdoor living areas continues to grow, the concept of a patio space is a big drawcard amongst homebuyers and can even boost the value of a property.


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