When to DIY and When to Call a Professional

If you’re a houseproud property owner, you’ll know how satisfying it can be to improve your home with your own two hands. When it comes to concreting, there are plenty of commercially available products that enable you to DIY projects but this doesn’t always guarantee the best result, or even the best price. In this article, we take a closer look at when it makes sense to take on a DIY job and when to call in the professionals.




Buying a couple of bags of cement at Bunnings instead of hiring a contractor might seem like a more cost effective way of concreting but it depends on the size of the project at hand. If you have a small project like cementing a post into the ground or sealing a fish pond, then DIY concreting is probably the most cost effective way to go provided you follow the instructions. For larger projects, a contractor is the way to go as they have access to materials at wholesale prices and have the skills to ensure a polished result with minimal mistakes.


A professional job is always going to be higher quality than anything you can do yourself, so for jobs where the appearance and functionality of the concrete is important (like driveways and paths), its worth investing in a professional job that will look good and do the job properly.


The durability of concrete depends on how it is used, the environment surrounding it, and the skill with which it is laid. If the concrete is improperly mixed, laid, and sealed, or if the wrong type of concrete is used for a job, it can lead to a multiplicity of problems like spalling, discolouration, cracking, efflorescence, flaking, spalling, pop outs, unevenness, dusting, and curling which can lead to deterioration. If you plan to do the job yourself, make sure you have the right materials and skills required to complete it, otherwise you run the risk of concrete which deteriorates faster and isn’t functional.


If you’re time poor and don’t have the patience to do the job right, then don’t do it. Even the simplest concreting job requires some thought and effort, so if you’re not willing to learn how to do it properly, its best to call in the professionals who can do a quick, quality job.

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