How to Stay Warm in your Garden this Winter

Now that the cooler weather has well and truly set in, the temptation to hibernate indoors next to the heater until next spring leads many Melbournians to abandon their outdoor living areas over the winter months. However, we believe that with a little bit of creative thinking, it’s possible to both make the most of your outdoor entertaining area and stay toasty at the same time.  This week, we look at seven things you can do to stay warm outdoors this winter.

Lounge area

Creating an outdoor lounge area is a huge trend now and furniture plays an important role in transforming your patio area into a ‘room’ separate from your house. Couches, lounge chairs, and coffee tables as well as pillows, rugs and throws should be used to create a comfortable, cosy alfresco living room you can enjoy all year round.


Another trend to emerge from the ‘outdoor living room’ movement is the alfresco fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces not only provide protection from the elements, they also help to define your patio area, making it feel welcoming.

Fire pit

If you want the romance of a roaring fire but don’t quite have the budget for a fireplace, a fire pit is an affordable alternative that has its own advantages. Available for as little as $50 from your local hardware store, fire pits are portable and create a natural centrepiece and gathering area for social occasions.

Covered area

Having covered patio area is a fantastic way to protect your entertaining area from the elements and help retain heat from a fireplace of heat lamp. Covering over your patio area is also a great way to create a cosy ‘outdoor living room’ effect and will compliment a lounge setup.

Hot tub

If you have money (and space) to burn and are looking for a way to up the luxury appeal of your yard, it’s hard to go past a hot tub.


Although it isn’t always used as a heat source, lighting plays an important role in making a space feel cosy and welcoming. Lighting doesn’t have to be particularly expensive- simply winding fairy lights through the tree branches or dotting tea lights around the garden can create a stunning visual effect.

Backwoods sauna

An unorthodox (but fun) way to stay toasty during the colder months, a DIY backwoods sauna is a camping classic, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the steam in the comfort of your own backyard.


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