How To Transform Your Front Yard On A Budget

If you’ve had the same old front yard for a while, then you may have considered upgrading at some point. The wonderful thing about working with gardens is that you don’t have to break the bank to have a fabulous looking garden. You can do a lot with recycled home appliances or even just spending a little bit to achieve a wonderful and unique looking front yard that will compliment your exposed aggregate driveway perfectly.


Start with borders

If you have a flowerbed in your front yard, then it’s a great idea to add a border to it. You can buy cheap options for this or even use recycled items such as glass bottles – which will add a unique flair to your garden. Using glass bottles can also be a great environmentally friendly option because not only are you recycling glass, but the open bottles will collect rainfall and fill up over time. That rainwater can be used to water the garden instead of using water from your hose.


Cheap plants

There are a variety of plants you can purchase on a budget that can look amazing and can add a lot to your front yard. You can even purchase a number of tall plants with thick leaves and put them at the front of your yard – that way they can act as a visual barrier. This is a great alternative for if you want some privacy but don’t want to fork out to have a large fence or wall built. Also, spreading flowers throughout your front yard adds colour and character to it. This can also encourage a healthy gardening habit.


Water features

You can use old items such as watering cans or basically anything else that has an opening to create a water fountain without purchasing an elaborate pre-made product. You can even combine two items and use something else as a base. Old barrels, tins or pots are all great examples of the types of items that can be used to create water fountains.

You can also create a pond in your front yard by digging a hole and purchasing some polyethylene lining to put in. Whether you want to put a fountain in the middle of your pond or not is entirely up to you – but if you decide to go without then you add stones at the bottom, lily pads to float on top and even plant flowers around the edge to decorate it.


Add a bench

An antique looking bench can be picked up from a garage sale or antique shop at bargain prices if you’re lucky. Adding something like this to your front yard will instantly transform it. Even if you don’t actually use it, it’s the aesthetic tone that matters. That being said it can also be used on sunny days when you just want to relax outside. Add some cushions to it for that extra layer of comfort.


Keep your lawn in shape

Even something as simple as mowing it regularly, pulling out weeds and trimming hedges can greatly improve your front yards image. Keeping it neat, tidy and minimalistic is just as good as adding impressive features to it. It really depends what you’re going for. Even if you want something more eccentric though, it’s still important to maintain upkeep of your front yard.

Clearing your exposed aggregate driveway of leaves or dirt on a regular basis counts as maintenance as well. This keeps your concrete in good condition as well as improves the tidiness of your front yard. Creating edges and clear distinctions between your exposed aggregate driveway and grass or even between your grass and flowerbed – if you don’t already have a barrier – is another fabulous way to transform your front yard, giving it a clean and contemporary look.


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