Tips for Saving Money On Your Renovation

Although kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated areas of the home, they also have the potential to be the most expensive. Through careful planning and smart choices, you’ll be able to keep well within your renovation budget – you may even save enough to add another room to your list!


Pay attention to plumbing 

When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, it’s tempting to completely rearrange the layout – however this often comes with unexpected costs. Moving things like sinks, baths, showers, and appliances like dishwashers will mean you’ll have to move your plumbing, which can be quite costly. Moving plumbing involves ripping up walls and creating new holes in floors, which is complicated further if you live in an apartment block as you’ll likely be required to obtain approval from your neighbours and/or the body corporate. If you must move these fittings, try to limit the move as much as possible to minimise the work done by plumbers and other trades people.

Be smart with fittings

Opting for cheaper fittings and fixtures doesn’t have to be synonymous with accepting poor quality. Be smart about fittings and fixtures by looking into floor stock and factory seconds, which will allow you to buy high quality items (sometimes with minor imperfections) at a fraction of the usual price. Similarly, you should explore material options (for floors, bench tops and splash backs) and grade them based on their quality and corresponding price range. For example, if you love the idea of hardwood floors but they’re out of your budget, it’s better look for a cheaper material that’s still high quality rather going for a poor imitation of your original choice like laminate or wooden look vinyl. Concrete flooring is a great option for both kitchens and bathrooms; it’s sturdy, comparatively low cost, and comes in a variety of finishes from polished concrete to coloured and textured concrete.

Manage your tradespeople

Take a hands-on approach with tradespeople to ensure they’re making proper use of their time and to minimise mix-ups. Make sure you already have all your fittings and fixtures organised (if you’re supplying them yourself) before the applicable tradespeople arrive, and thoroughly plan which jobs you’ll need to have done first. With proper planning and execution, each trade should be able to complete their designated job in two visits, which will help to cut overall renovation costs.

Through making smart decisions and staying organised, you’ll be able to save a significant amount money on your kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. If you love the idea of concrete floors, or want to use your leftover money to install a concrete patio, Prestige Concrete Services is here to help. Enquire about our Melbourne based concrete services today on 0411 440 157.