Tips for Maintaining a Sleek Concrete Driveway 

It’s incredibly exciting when your driveway has just been completed. A new driveway is smooth and fresh yet, over time, it’s easy for a driveway to lose its lustre and start to reveal cracks, marks and other imperfections. So how do you maintain a sleek and smooth concrete driveway? In this week’s blog, we share our top tips for ensuring your concrete driveway stays in its optimal condition. 

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1) Regularly Clean Your Driveway 

The first thing you do to maintain a sleek driveway is to regularly and properly clean it. Although this seems pretty straight forward, there are some things to consider, such as pressure washing or vacuuming and how to seal your driveway. In between these routine cleaning sessions, make sure you remove debris off the driveway as these can accumulate and damage your driveway.  

2) Stay Away From Deicing Chemicals 

It’s tempting to want to use deicing chemicals on your driveway. However, if you wish to preserve the integrity of your driveway, then you should avoid all deicing chemicals for as long as possible. A driveway that has just been completed is most susceptible to damage from these chemicals.  

3) Repair Any Damage Immediately 

If any damage does occur to your driveway, it’s best to repair this straight-away. This will prevent from other issues arising later down the track. While you might want to repair the damage yourself, it’s best to contact an expert who can perform the job correctly. 

4) Clean Oil and Other Stains Right Away 

Similarly to above, it’s essential that you clean any oil or other stains right away. Hot soapy water works well with traditional stains. However, if there is a grease or gasoline spill, then opt for a degreaser or stain remover designed specifically for concrete.  

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