Tips For Creating a Vertical Hanging Garden 

Vertical Hanging Gardens have become a design phenomenon. From spectacular and bold creations to minimalist and refined approaches, there are many different ways to embrace this trend. In this week’s blog, we share our top tips for creating a gorgeous vertical hanging garden.

1) Look After The Wall And Floor 

It’s of utmost importance that you think carefully about where you want to create your vertical hanging garden. Make sure the wall is structurally sound so as to carry the weight of the plants. A good tip before mounting your garden is to put an extra layer of plywood on top (coated with water sealer). Although this will take more time in the beginning, it is sure to save you money down the track.  

2) For Irrigation Systems – Leave It To The Pros 

If you’re garden is quite intricate and requires an irrigation system, this may be best left to a professional. An irrigation system can be difficult to set up so don’t hesitate to contact an expert.  

3) Allow One Plant To Shine 

Sometimes, it just takes one plant to create an amazing vertical hanging garden. Instead of trying to find several different plants which all work together, why not just select one and let it grow wild. This approach can lead to a remarkable end result.  

4) Use What You Already Have 

A great way to save time and money is to use tools you already have lying around the home. For example, blocks can be stacked to create an industrial yet chic vertical hanging harden. There is lots of room for flexibility with blocks as well, as they can easily be reconfigured at any time.  

5) Bigger Doesn’t Have To Mean Better 

If you don’t have much room in your outdoor area, don’t despair, a breathtaking vertical hanging garden can be created in just a few square feet. Use whatever wall space you have available to create a minimalist and seamlessly integrated vertical garden.  

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