The Main Pros (And Cons) Of A Concrete Driveway

When renovating or building a home, the last area you want to go wrong is the driveway. It’s the first thing people see along with the façade of your home, and you need it to be reliable enough to support constant traffic. It’s not a cheap decision either, but the right choice could see your driveway lasting for years to come. Today, we’re investigating some pros and cons of a concrete driveway, which just might be the perfect option for you.


The Pros

Easy to maintain

Maintaining a concrete driveway in comparison to asphalt is easy. You will not find yourself needing to weed the concreted area and the most you’ll need to do on a fairly regular basis is sweep or power wash the concrete.

You can also speak to your concrete contractor and find out how often your concrete needs to be sealed. While concrete may initially be more expensive, in the long run you’ll find yourself saving both time and money due to its low maintenance.


Strong and long-wearing

When choosing a material for a driveway, you want to select something that is suitable for high traffic. That is, you want your driveway to be able to withstand cars constantly coming in and out, as well as people walking over it, without showing signs that it has frequently been used.

If you’re considering concrete, then you’re in luck: the durability of concrete is incomparable to other driveway materials. It is the longest-lasting, strongest choice for a driveway. A good concrete driveway installed by a trustable concrete contractor can last upwards of twenty to thirty years before showing any signs of wear and tear.


Lots of choices

When it comes to concrete, you will be spoiled for aesthetic choices. There are many types of concrete driveways, including coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and stencil concrete.

You’re also spoiled for colour choice. Often, the colour that works best is harmonious with the colour scheme of your home, adding a sleek touch to the façade of your home. But that also doesn’t mean you need to settle for a single colour. With stencil concrete, the pattern you choose can allow for multiple colours and shapes to keep things interesting. The options are truly endless with concrete driveways.



Concrete is extremely versatile for a number of weather situations. Choosing concrete in a light colour is best for areas that typically experience constant sun, as light-coloured concrete generally stays cool in hot weather.

Alternatively, any type of concrete is good for winter, as it’s easy to maintain despite the constant mud and rain. Just keep resealing your concrete according to the advice of your concrete contractor and it will be effective for any kind of weather (even snow)!


The Cons

Susceptible to stains

Often, concrete is coloured lightly and this can make your concrete driveway susceptible to gathering stains over time. Oil and tire marks can be difficult to remove at times. However, there are plenty of stain removers available on the market that are specifically for concrete driveways.

If left for a long time, dirt and debris can also stain your driveway. This is especially prevalent in autumn and winter, where leaves and mud can fall onto the concrete while wet. Once they dry, they are likely to leave stains. However, sweeping away debris before it dries can easily prevent these stains.


Difficult to repair

While concrete will not need repairing for a long time, in the case that it does need to be fixed, it’s not an easy (or cheap) process. In comparison to pavers, where a repair is as simple as replacing the broken piece, concrete driveways need to be entirely redone. The removal and replacement of the entire concrete slab can be costly, time-consuming and inconvenient.


Can crack

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong concrete contractor can mean that the concrete is more likely to crack. Pouring the concrete correctly is a skill that is mastered by expert concrete contractors. Contractors that are newer to the business are not likely to have perfected the skill.

To avoid cracks in your concrete driveway, it’s therefore important to choose a concrete contractor that has an established business and years of experience. Prestige Concrete Services has both. With over 20 years’ experience and with big-name clients such as VicRoads and Deakin University, you can be sure our jobs are reliable. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your concreting job.