The Future Of Concrete Furniture


Trends are a constantly evolving thing in today’s society. Everyone is looking to separate their style and design and make it stand out amongst the masses. A new trend that is taking 2019 by storm is concrete furniture. Furniture made from concrete holds a myriad of benefits both aesthetically and practically. These pieces can be made by concrete contractors or purchased from a store, depending on what exactly it is. In today’s blog, we’re going to go through why concrete furniture is so great and some of the concrete furniture that would go great in your home!


The history of concrete furniture

Concrete furniture dates back to Ancient Rome where the majority of their furniture would actually be crafted out of concrete and stones. This didn’t just apply to their homes but also their public theatres and forums as well. Their grand halls would be made of marble and contain marble benches within as well.

It wasn’t until the early 20thcentury where Thomas Edison – through his company ‘Edison Portland Cement Company’ – envisioned a world where houses would be made of concrete and contain concrete furnishings such as refrigerators and pianos. Whilst his company never made any concrete houses, he did donate the patent which was later used to construct concrete houses.


Outdoor uses

There are a lot of parks around the world today that have concrete benches and seating arrangements. This is something that’s starting to seep into home design nowadays with things like concrete tables and chairs being put into backyards. A nice stone feature that combines both practicality and aesthetics is not only very useful but can be a great conversation piece as well for when guests are over. One of the defining factors of concrete furniture is its durability and ability to brave harsh and diverse weather.

A long concrete bench is also a popular option for an outdoor setting. Whilst you may think that this sort of thing sounds uncomfortable, if made correctly then it will be the opposite. And there’s always the option of adding extra cushions or blankets to the piece to give it that extra comfort. Whether or not this bench is built into the side of your home or it is a stand-alone structure can be up to you. The great thing about concrete furniture is that it is a versatile material.


Indoor uses

Whilst Edison’s dream of concrete refrigerators is not exactly being followed today, concrete furnishing inside houses is growing more and more popular. The most prevalent trends involve the kitchen being made of concrete. As opposed to a wooden or marble kitchen, some people prefer a more rustic look and will opt for a grey concrete look instead. Other than durability, a concrete kitchen can offer many other benefits such as:

  • Heat resistance
  • Variety of styles
  • Value from a real estate perspective as it counts as a premium material
  • Custom dimensions due to the material’s versatility
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Concrete kitchens can be poured and made on-site or made in a store after measurements are taken and installed later – that latter of which works best for kitchen islands but is still applicable for against the wall kitchens. It is essential to know exactly what you want to be done for your kitchen as the appropriate cutouts must be made for the sink and cupboard positions, with appropriate space for the plumbing to be left.


Concrete finishes

Now, just because furniture might be made out of concrete, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a dull, industrial-styled grey. Concrete can be made and finished with many different styles and this still applies to furniture. Whether you want exposed aggregate or coloured concrete, your concrete contractors will be able to help you reach a decision. The benefit of coloured concrete in this instance is that you’ll be able to match the furniture to the rest of your house or go the opposite way and make it stand-out.


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