The Essential Elements of a Modern Garden Landscape


Regardless of the form it happens to take, design trends tend to reflect the ideas and lifestyles of the age we live in and modern garden landscaping trends are no exception. The garden designs in vogue today are reflective of our busy lifestyles, changing climate, and preference for clean lines and bold design. This week, we look at the essential components of modern garden landscaping.



First and foremost, modern landscape design is characterised by bold shapes and clean lines. Square, circles, triangles and rectangles are all favoured over organic lines and are used in everything from hardscaping paths and patios through to sculptural shrubbery such as boxwood and cedar.


Stone and groundcover

These two elements are crucial to modern landscaping as they are used to create ‘rooms’ within the garden as well as lead the eye through the landscape. Surrounding natural stones (as either stepping stones or paving) with ornamental grasses or moss creates an elegant balance between hard and soft and transforms the garden path into an important garden feature. Using ground cover amongst stones is also a great, low maintenance alternative to having a lawn.


Water features

Elemental features such as fire pits, water features, ponds and swimming pools are also key elements of contemporary garden design. These types of features add another layer of sensory texture to the landscape with sound, light and movement.


Entertaining area

Alfresco entertaining is a favourite Australian pastime so it’s no surprise that most modern Australian gardens feature an elegant paved or decked area for entertaining and outdoor living during the warmer months.


Low maintenance plants

Our busy modern lifestyles call for gardens that are easy to care for and so contemporary landscaping tends to favour hardy, drought tolerant plants such as succulents, native grasses, cycads, and clipped foliage.


Subdued tones

When it comes to colour, modern gardens are more about tone and texture, so you won’t see a riotous clash of colourful flowers but rather subtle tonal variation in the foliage and contrasting textures underfoot with stepping stones surrounded by moss. Although flowers don’t play a central role in modern landscaping, a single colour or variety is sometimes used as an accent.


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