The Advantages of Exposed Aggregate

Concrete is a fantastic material for home renovations, and, because of its hard wearing nature, it is especially suited to outdoor areas such as driveways, patios and pool areas. This week we take you through the key advantages of one of the most popular outdoor concrete finishes: exposed aggregate.

exposed aggregate

Low maintenance

Exposed aggregate is incredibly low maintenance when compared to other outdoor renovation materials such as wooden decking or stone pavers. Exposed aggregate’s natural looking finish makes it highly stain resistant and its sturdiness helps to protect against chips and cracks. With an occasional hose down and a reseal every few years, exposed aggregate driveways and patios will retain their original appearance.

Slip resistance

The granular finish of exposed aggregate gives it a lot of grip, making it perfect for pool areas and other outdoor areas prone to water. The grade of exposed aggregate can be customised so as to strike the right balance between non-slip and foot-friendly finish. Exposed aggregate’s natural grip also makes it great for driveways.

Decorative appeal

Exposed aggregate is highly customisable, making it easy to find the perfect finish to complement your home’s existing design elements. The grade of the stones in your aggregate, texture effects, and even colour can all be tweaked to turn your concrete driveway or patio into a standout decorative feature. Whatever your desired aesthetic, be it a natural look or minimalist chic, there is an exposed aggregate finish to suit your needs.

Highly durable

Aggregate concrete is highly durable, making it resistant to common concrete problems like cracking and spalling. It is also a much sturdier alternative to other outdoor materials such as timber decking, which is vulnerable to rot, termites and warping.

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