5 Ways You Can Take Your Gardening To The Next Level


Whether it’s a casual hobby or a serious passion, there are so many ways you can enjoy gardening. Our concrete contractors have been experimenting with some different techniques in their downtime and have decided to share some game-changing tips that will let you take your gardening to the next level.

1.     Raised garden beds

We’ll start off with a well-known one – raised garden beds. This highly beneficial technique brings with it many attractive qualities such as better-quality soil, improved drainage, flood protection and easy segregation just to name a few. On top of that, it also looks quite chic as you can literally create a raised garden bed in whatever style or shape you choose.

You can take a small, simple crate and place it on a chair and that could be a raised garden bed – or, you can purchase/build one using our DIY guide to place on the ground in a more traditional manner. Whatever the end-product – a raised garden bed can be an encouraging step in the gardening world as it spices up the passion and opens up new opportunities.

2.     Test your soil

If you want to ensure a heartily grown garden, then you need good soil. The best way to do that is to test your soil and work out what it’s missing. You can purchase soil testing kits – or, you can perform the simple jar test:

  1. Fill a third of a clean mason jar with soil (uncontaminated by rocks or other large organic matter).
  2. Leaving some space at the top – fill the jar with water.
  3. Add a tablespoon of powder dishwashing detergent, close the jar and shake it until it all blends together.
  4. Allow it to settle on an even surface for a minute.
  5. Mark the jar where the level of sand settled.
  6. Leave it for another two minutes and a layer of silt will have settled – mark the top of this layer.
  7. Allow the jar to settle for two days and mark the third layer which will be the clay.

Ideal soil health will be made of approximately 40% sand, 40% silt and 20% clay. This means your soil is classified as loam. The jar soil test worksheet will help you calculate just how healthy your soil is and what it needs more or less of to reach ideal levels.

3.     Start planting fresh produce

Our concrete contractors love planting fresh produce – it’s a great hobby, economic and yields great results that the whole family can enjoy. If you play your cards right – you can use most (if not all) of your grown produce as ingredients for your meals. Select produce that you enjoy and that are in season and find out how they should be planted. 

Each type of seed will need to be planted a certain depth below the soil and a certain distance from other seeds so it can fully thrive. For example – carrot seeds must be sowed 2cm deep and 1cm apart. When they grow to 5cm tall, then they can be spaced 3cm apart.

4.     Smart irrigation

If you’ve planted a number of plants that rely on regular watering to survive – then you might want to consider a smart irrigation system. A smart irrigation system allows you to set up regular watering sessions for your plants to occur automatically regardless of if you’re home or not. It can even use local weather reports to gauge whether or not the plants require watering. These systems can be controlled from your smart device and are quite beneficial for those who really want to take their gardening to the next level.

5.     Understand your garden

Do your best to really understand your garden – learn about all the varieties you’re planting, what makes them flourish and what they’re impartial to. If you can understand your garden and put in the effort, then you’ll be rewarded with incredible results.

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