Step-By-Step: How Stencil Concrete Works

In our previous post we explored the advantages of stencil concrete for your home’s driveway. But how exactly does it work, and how do your choices come into play in the process? We answer some questions you might have about the process in this week’s blog.


Step 1: Applying the stencil pattern

The first step the team will follow is applying the pattern you’ve chosen to wet or existing concrete. This is usually a two-person job, as one person needs to hold the stencil roll, while the other holds the opposite end.

The stencil is then plastered to the surface using a stencil roller. The crew can only work a section at a time to ensure pattern continuity – similar to wallpaper – and smaller sections make this easier.


Step 2: Adding colour

Before the concrete is dry, the crew will then add colour hardener to the slab using a bull float. This will be the colour you agreed on beforehand.


Step 3: Imprinting texture

If you’ve chosen a textured stencil – such as one with a stone-like appearance – then the texture will be applied once the concrete is firm enough to withstand the weight of the roller but soft enough to be imprinted.

Before this happens, the surface will be treated with an antiquing release agent, which mimics the natural tones and shades of the given texture.


Step 4: Removing the stencil

Just as laying down the stencil is a two-person job, so too is removing it. One person stands on either end of the stencil and lifts it straight up. Once the stencil has been lifted, the pattern is revealed!


Step 5: The cleanup and seal

The cleanup typically occurs a day or two after the job has been completed. The crew will clean the release agent off with a high-pressure hose and saw cut the control joints. The last step in the process is sealing the work!


Stencil concrete for your home

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