Spring Garden Preparation Checklist

The reappearance of the sun in Melbourne this week has reminded us that the start of spring is exactly two weeks away. Preparing your garden now for the busiest growing and outdoor entertaining seasons is the best way to get the most from your yard once the weather heats up, and minimises the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do further down the track. This week, we run through 7 key tasks to prepare your yard for springtime.

  1. Weed your garden

Weeding is easiest to do at the beginning of spring when the young plants are still loose in the soil and the roots are shallow. Placing mulch over the top of your garden will also discourage weed growth and help the garden retain water once the weather warms up.

  1. Repair fences and trellises

Late winter is also an ideal time to repair any wooden structures that may have rotted or become damaged in the wet winter weather as there is less growth to deal with and you’re less likely to cause root damage.

  1. Top dress and apply mulch

Give your plants the best possible chance to grow by preparing the soil with plenty of nutrients. If you have an established garden, you only need to ‘top dress’ the soil with compost or manure, as the nutrients will drain down into the soil and you won’t have to disturb the established roots.

  1. Clear away dead plants and foliage

Prepare all of your existing plants for spring by removing any dead growth and pruning back shrubs to promote growth.

  1. Begin propagating spring seeds

Start propagating your spring seeds inside on a sunny windowsill or a growing house so they have well established roots by the time it’s warm enough to plant them out.

  1. Prepare your lawn

Bring light and air to your lawn by raking away all the dead growth and leaves, then re-seed any bare areas and keep them moist until the seeds germinate.

  1. Invest in hardscaping

Late winter is really the last chance you’ll have to make any major landscaping changes before the outdoor entertaining season begins, so if you’ve been thinking about installing a deck, patio, garden path or driveway, now is the time to do it.


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