All About Slate Impression Concrete Driveways


When you think about choosing a concrete driveway, you’re likely to think of exposed aggregate, stencil concrete or even coloured concrete. But have you considered slate concrete? Our Melbourne concrete contractors recommend slate concrete for those who want a luxurious, sleek driveway. In today’s blog, we’re telling you everything you need to know about slate concrete, from what it is, to five of its benefits.


What is slate impression concrete?

Slate impression concrete is a type of concrete that replicates the look of traditionally more expensive slate stone. It is perfect for driveways because it is so durable and hardwearing. This means it is suitable for constant traffic.

Slate impression concrete is typically two-toned or textured like a real stone, which is what makes the concrete look realistic. Because of its texture, slate impression concrete is more anti-slip than plain flat concrete. This is another reason why slate impression concrete is great for multiple areas of the house, such as:

  • The driveway
  • Paths
  • Pool surrounds
  • Patios
  • Courtyards


How is slate impression concrete created?

Stamping mixed concrete with a textured mat that replicates the pattern of slate is how slate impression concrete is created. This is why slate impression concrete may also be known as ‘stamped concrete’. The stamping is done while the concrete is still soft and moldable after being placed. This concrete setting stage is known as the ‘plastic state’.

Once the concrete has fully set, it will be pressure washed and sealed. The sealant is what is going to make your driveway last for years to come.


5 benefits of slate impression concrete

Our Melbourne concrete contractors recommend slate concrete for a number of reasons. The benefits of slate concrete include:

  • It’s durable. Concrete is extremely durable and when you choose the right Melbourne concrete contractors for the job, it tends to last around 25-30 years. Keeping your concrete sealed also helps greatly in preventing discolouration and fading.
  • It’s a low maintenance option. Slate concrete operates much like ordinary concrete, in the sense that it is extremely low maintenance. With concrete (unlike asphalt), you won’t have to worry about grass and weeds poking through. All you need to do is ensure the driveway is sealed. In terms of weekly maintenance, a quick sweep or power wash is all that’s needed for a well-maintained driveway.
  • There’s a large colour range. Many clients opt for darker colours of slate concrete, and this might give you the false impression that slate concrete is only available in these colours. In reality, there is actually a wide range of other colours you can select. Don’t rule out slate concrete if you do not want a dark concrete driveway. Instead, investigate your other colour options, from warm earthy tones to cooler hues.
  • It adds a touch of elegance to your home. Slate impression concrete is associated with grandeur and timelessness for a reason: it looks sleek, stylish and sophisticated. The textured concrete adds interest to the driveway without being flashy or over-the-top, which is perfect for those who love taking a minimalist design approach.
  • It’s a cost-effective driveway option. Do you want to achieve the classy, expensive driveway look without forking out more than you bargained for? Then slate impression concrete is for you! Since slate impressions look like real stone, you can easily achieve a luxurious façade on a budget.


Melbourne concrete contractors

The most important thing you need to know about concrete jobs is that you need to choose the right concrete contractor for the best results. Hiring a contractor with many years of industry experience (and a great portfolio) is the number one way to tell what kind of job you are going to get for your money.

Prestige Concrete Services have over 20 years of experience in the concreting industry. We offer quality hardscaping solutions (such as driveways, paths and pavement) for all kinds of clients – from residential to commercial and Government. We offer all kinds of concreting, including:

  • Slate impression concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Coloured concrete
  • Stencil concrete
  • Slabs for extensions

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