Quarantine Gardening Checklist (5 Things To Do)


With everyone spending their time at home during the quarantine period, our concrete contractors in Melbourne think that this is the perfect time to get stuck into the garden and start ticking off those tasks you’ve been meaning to do. To help you get started, we’ve created a quarantine gardening checklist with our top five picks for what you should get started on first.


1.     Edging

We’ve put this activity first because it’s simple and easy, yet it yields fantastic results. You can pick up an edging tool online and get to work. Anywhere the grass meets your concrete driveway or path should be edged for a tidy look. Any small gardens you may have can be edged as well – this will make it easier to install little barrier/fencing to separate the garden bed. That being said, sometimes a nice edging is sufficient to separate your garden from the rest of your yard.


2.     Weeding upkeep

Weeds can be a hassle – especially if you’re trying to create a lovely garden or plant some vegetables – so you must do all you can to remove them and make sure they never grow again. The good news is, the acetic acid found in vinegar will kill weeds – making it easier for you to pull them out. You’ll want to be careful though because it’ll also kill your other plants so apply carefully. The higher the acetic acid content, the deadlier it will be.

Salt and boiling water also works wonders. Combine the vinegar with salt and dishwasher detergent for an effective concoction. If you want to minimise weeds from growing in a newly formed garden bed then try laying down a tarp and cutting holes in it just for your flowers/plants. Using bark mulch also helps to minimise the number of weeds that will come through.


3.     Start a vegetable or herb garden

Our Melbourne-based concrete contractors all agree that starting a vegetable garden can be extremely beneficial – especially now more than ever. It gives you something to do and regularly maintain as well as provides fresh produce to use for meals. If you play your cards right, you can centre your diet heavily around what you grow in your garden – saving you money as well as encouraging healthier eating habits.

A herb garden can also be started on a smaller scale if you don’t have the room or are just after something a bit more manageable. Organise a square, raised garden bed and plant several herbs in it. You’ll be amazed at the flavours richness’ when you use them with your meals.


4.     Maintain your concrete

Maintaining your concrete is a manageable and essential task. Even if it’s just small things like sweeping leaves, dirt or other particulates off of it – it still makes a difference. Wet leaves (especially in Autumn) can stain your driveway and build-ups of other materials can cause damage over time.

A simple sweep once a week should be sufficient to maintain your driveway against the basic natural elements. If you are going to do some planting, make sure to do so at least three to four metres away so the roots don’t spread and damage your concrete.


5.     Create a flowerbed

The limit is your imagination when it comes to creating a flowerbed. This could be small, large, raised or even vertical if you want to be extra creative. Cut off an area of your garden and start with the foundations – edge around it or install the raised box if that’s what you’re opting for.

Mark out the positions you’re going to plant each flower/plant in to make it easier to organise (that way if you don’t like how it looks you can simply rearrange it all before actually planting anything). Add some features like stones or large branches to give it some extra character. Use bark mulch to give it a different look and also help the soil retain moisture and suppress weeds.


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