Preparing Your Garden For A Dog

A dog is often considered man’s best friend. But at the end of the day, a dog is still susceptible to its basic animal instincts. Whether they’re an outside dog or not, they will eventually have to go out into your yard to do their business or simply to have a play around.

You’ll want to make sure that your garden is safe for them to be around unsupervised. The last thing you’d want is for them to accidentally eat something hazardous or injure themselves somehow – as they are curious creatures who follow their nose. To help you be a bit more at ease with these possibilities, our concrete contractors have established some essential tips and points to consider and to help make your garden a dog-friendly environment.


Size of your garden

Dogs are curious and eager creatures and no matter the size of your dog you should consider the size of your garden before purchasing one. At the end of the day – unless you take them for very regular works – a larger dog may not be the right fit for a home with a small garden. It’s also a great idea to have a large flat area for the dog to play fetch around. Concrete contractors will be able to help you with some re-landscaping should you choose to go down that path to provide a more welcoming and exciting environment for your dog.


Choosing the perfect fence

Regardless of whether or not your dog will be kept inside or outside, they will be going into your front yard every now and then, so you’ll want to ensure that your fence is the right type for your dog. Some things to consider include:

  • Height – Your fence should be tall enough so that your little furry friend can’t jump higher than it. This is something to keep an eye on for big dogs in particular. It’s important to keep in mind though that dogs are much happier when they can see out into the world.
  • Underground postings – To counteract your dog’s urge to dig underneath the fence, the fence itself should be installed at least a metre underground.
  • The type of fence – You don’t want something that they can chew or scratch at to degrade or something with bases/steps that they can get a paw onto. Wooden or even just brick fences are great materials to use.


Revamp your flowerbed

The flowerbed is always an attractive part of a garden. It’s colourful and adds an essential layer of aesthetic to the garden. But there are some plants that don’t mix very well with certain breeds of dogs. Flowers such as Azaleas and Daisies are known to be harmful to dogs, for example. So before exposing your dog to the yard, you’ll want to make sure you double check that all your plants and flowers are safe for dogs.

Another point worth mentioning is to start using all-natural sprays on your garden instead of weed killers and other things with high chemicals, as they can definitely be harmful to dogs. Setting up a border around your flowerbed can help keep your dog from making a mess and destroying it by digging it up.

The types of little border fences you can choose are limitless. It’s a way to not only add something with a practical use but also add character to your flowerbed. If you want to further spruce things up then you can hire concrete contractors to lay down some coloured concrete in front of your border, adding a more defined look.


Set-up a safe area

A fantastic and beneficial idea is to set up a specific area where your dog can go to just hang out. This area should be at least partly shaded and protected from the sun, have a water bowl, a bed. If your dog is an outside dog then a doggy house is an absolute must, especially if it begins to rain, you want your dog to be able to stay nice and dry in the elements. This area works great in a corner of the yard as opposed to in the middle as you don’t want to compromise the open playing area.


Do you need concrete contractors?

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