5 Plants To Match The Autumn Colour Palette


Yellowy green shrubbery and falling leaves – autumn is here and our concrete contractors in Melbourne believe it’s time to get busy in the garden. To help things along, we thought we’d get you started with five perfect plants that’ll match the colour of autumn – allowing your garden to really feel the season’s vibe.


1.    Marigold

These bright orange wonders are the perfect flowers to feature in your autumn garden. We’re particularly fond of French and signet marigolds due to the splash of red they feature. Both of these varieties feature thin stems which means they’re prone to drooping down into an amalgamation of orange, red and green. Our Melbourne-based concrete contractors believe that the shrubbery appearance can be quite lovely on the side of pathways in your garden as well.

Large-flowered marigolds are a different type as they sit upright on thicker stems – growing to around 60cm in height. As the name suggests, the flowers themselves are quite large and feature ruffled petals compacted together. Depending on what they’re planted with – they can either blend in to the background or really pop at you. Regardless, these heavy bloomers’ orange appeal is a treat for any autumn garden.


2.    Hibiscus

Hibiscus is available in an extensive range of colours across various varieties, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your autumn garden best. Tropical hibiscus is fantastic to work with as it can feature fantastic hues of orange, yellow and red – which contrast beautifully against the dark green leafy background. These hues are also well suited to coloured concrete solutions.

You might be thinking that this may be a similar feel to the marigold – but this is quite the opposite. Whilst the colours may be similar – hibiscus grows a lot scarcer amongst their greenery. They also bloom differently, making them distinctively unique.


3.    Carnations

Known for their endless colour combinations, carnations are absolutely gorgeous when grown in gardens and add a real sense of homeliness. To match the season’s colour palette – washed out carnations will probably work best. It may be tempting to flood your garden with rich purples, pinks and blues, but these colours are much more suited to winter and spring.

Whilst large flowered carnations are stunning, to complement the marigold and hibiscus (which are predominantly larger flowers) you should look at dwarf carnations. This way you can add some variety in size to your garden as well. Try planting them in hanging pots as well to give your garden a multi-layered appeal. Because of their size, these can also be planted on balcony gardens.


4.    Frangipani

Emitting a sweet fragrance, frangipani is a gorgeous flower available in hundreds of different varieties – but we think the tricoloured frangipani fruit salad is best suited for an autumn garden. The petals are slightly overlapped at the base in groups of five and the flowers tend to bloom quite closely to each other.

This means there are usually bursts of colour and sweetness in different spots around large green leaves. The three colours blend naturally into each other giving you striking hues that are easy on the senses. The best place to put fruit salad frangipani is in amongst large foliage – whether it be only a metre tall or a few metres.


5.    Dahlias

Unmistakeably unique, dahlias are autumn personified. With a mix of yellows, reds, pinks, purples and oranges, these lively plants can grow from anywhere between 40cm to 2m tall. One of the clinchers with dahlias is that not only do they come in several varieties – they’re all distinctively unique and gorgeous.

Your autumn garden would literally be blessed with any type of dahlia – from cactus (whose petals shoot out in all directions) to pompon and ball dahlias – which seem to have petals that are folded inwards to represent small tubes. With an exotic colour scheme as well, you’ll be pretty hard-pressed not to find a dahlia to suit your autumn garden.


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