How To Design The Perfect Outdoor Barbecue Or Kitchen Area


There’re a few weeks left of Spring, which means summer is only around the corner. It’s an Australian tradition to have your mates around on a nice hot, summer day and fire up the barbie – and it’s always nice when you have an outdoor area to cook your food in as well as hang around with everyone. Every expert concrete contractor knows that the secrets to designing the perfect outdoor area for your barbecue or kitchen – and that’s exactly what we’re going to be going through in today’s blog.


The base

It may surprise you to hear that a concrete contractor will suggest using concrete as the base to your outdoor barbecue or kitchen area – but it’s not just a biased recommendation. Concrete is durable and – when paved properly – an even surface.

If your area is based on grass then the maintenance will be quite troublesome. You’ll have to rearrange all the appliances and furnishings each time the lawn needs to be mowed. Not to mention the ground could be slightly uneven depending on the natural landscape.

Concrete bases are low maintenance and also ensure that no chairs or couches will sink – as opposed to grass/soil.


Choosing your appliances

There are two routes you can go down when it comes to appliances. Depending on how much you want to invest in the space, you can just buy a barbecue or install a fully decked out outdoor kitchen. Both have their pros and cons.

With a kitchen, it’ll be its own self-sustained unit with the potential to have a cooktop, fridge, sink, oven and plenty of bench room to rest and prepare food on. Brick-based kitchens are popular when it comes to the materials as they’re durable and solid. These are also great if you have a brick home as it’ll stay in line with your aesthetic.

This is a much larger project, however, and will also require a lot of external utilities such as gas, plumbing and electricity to be hooked up. If you’re going to be using it constantly and plan on having large parties, then this is a great idea.

If you’re aiming for something a bit more low-key, then a simple barbecue will suffice. Selecting a barbecue can be stressful as there are so many options. A simple four-burner with a warming rack should suffice for most small – medium-sized gatherings.

The barbecue is portable as well which can be handy in some situations – for instance, if your area is uncovered you may want to move the barbecue to another part of your yard when it’s not being used.



There are a variety of outdoor options that you can get to spruce up your outdoor barbecue area – making it a great place to sit and hang out in. Outdoor couches are popular as well as chairs with small tables.

Depending on the size of your area you can also include a more traditional outdoor dining table to eat at right after the food has been prepared. You can add small pot plants around the area or even include bean bags for a more lowkey and casual vibe. If your area is near a wall, then consider creating a vertical hanging garden.


Covering the area

The last thing you want is wet furniture or appliances. So, make sure that your area is well covered. There’re a few different ways you can go about this. One of which is covering your entire area with a tarp that stays up permanently – protecting it all year round.

If it’s a small area with just a barbecue, then you can look at getting a big umbrella to encompass the area – don’t forget to take full advantage of the barbecue cover though. You can also wheel the barbecue away to a better-covered area when you’re not using it to ensure it doesn’t get wet at all.

With larger outdoor kitchen’s, it’s best to actually install a solid, permanent outdoor cover – whether this is a stand-alone or an extension of your home depends on the location of the kitchen. Consult a concrete contractor for more advice. The golden rule, however, is to keep your barbecue and appliances dry otherwise it could spell trouble.


In need of a concrete contractor?

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