Laying Concrete In A Community (5 Elements To Consider)


Organising the layout of a community takes time, and, one of the best ways you can ensure a quality end-result is by hiring a qualified and experienced concrete contractor that specialises in local government and council concreting services. At Prestige Concrete Services, we’ve worked on several local government projects – ensuring that walkways and roads are up to spec and durable enough to be used by the wider community. In today’s blog, we’re going to outline five elements that should be considered when it comes to laying concrete down in a community.

1.     What the surface’s primary traffic will be

There are a variety of different surfaces such as roads, footpaths and bike paths that can be made from concrete. It’s important to know roughly what the main traffic for each surface will be – particularly for those that may be enduring heavier loads – so that the concrete surface can be made to suit that exact purpose. This includes public car parks – for example, if you know that a particular car park will be host to a number of heavy semi-trailers and trucks then the concrete should reflect that. A good concrete contractor will ask these questions and keep themselves informed of the uses of all surfaces so they can cover all avenues.

2.     Bordering

Looking more at the design aspect of things – if there are walking trails that are to be laid down then bordering them with plants or things like bark is a great way to improve its aesthetic value. If there’s little room for such features, then even something as small as a strip of coloured concrete on either side of the path can go a long way. Changing the texture of these strips can also be beneficial to the vision impaired as the change in texture can act as a sign that it is the edge of the pathway – improving accessibility.

3.     Being practical

Sometimes you’ll want to create an entire car park out of exposed aggregate – but it just may not be feasible. Knowing the best course of action for each part of a community environment is key to its success. Another example is asking a concrete contractor to use yellow concrete on all the roads just because it will look nice. Sure, using stamped or coloured concrete on a small stretch of road within a shopping precinct – for example – is a nice, boutique touch that acts as a gorgeous feature piece, but selecting coloured concrete as the primary type for roads is not the best idea.

4.     Roots and nearby trees

As we all know, trees can damage concrete as it’s possible for the roots to spread out and cause damage to the foundations. The ideal spacing should be around three-four metres away from trees. However, that is not always achievable in a community environment so if there is a tree spotted nearby where concrete is being laid, it should be taken note of as there may be some maintenance work required down the track. If any damage is caused, then you can get creative and pour more concrete over it and make a hump or bridge on purpose which may end up becoming a feature piece in itself.

5.     Keeping everything uniform

 A community should be matching when it comes to its primary infrastructure. The last thing you’d want is to have minor inconsistencies sticking out. This helps to achieve a balanced community aesthetic whilst also making things manageable for your concrete contractor and from a financial point of view as too much variation may become a problem. Make sure you enlist a concrete contractor that’s done these sorts of jobs before and can ensure a high-quality end-product that’s uniform across all sectors.

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