Landscaping In Winter – A Guide

Winters in Melbourne can get pretty rough. We may not get snow like some other parts of the world, but we do get low temperatures and heavy rain regularly. But just because these things occur, doesn’t mean you should ignore your garden. Even if it becomes harder to deal with, your garden should not be neglected during the winter time solely because of the weather. So, as well as taking care of your exposed aggregate driveway you should strive to take care of your garden in the winter time as well – and thanks to our handy winter landscaping guide, now you can.


Pruning and weeding

Use this off-season time to tidy up your garden. By pruning plants you’ll be encouraging a larger number of big shoots to come out in the next season. This is also a great time to remove any dead plants and weeds.


Mind the leaves

Falling leaves combined with rainfall can spell trouble for your gutters. Be sure to clean them on a regular basis, especially when you have a large number of trees standing above your gutters. The last thing you want is for the wet leaves to pile up in your gutter and restrict the water flow.

This similarly applies to leaves just on your exposed aggregate driveway and front yard area. Try your best to rake them away and keep the area clear when you can. Keep in mind that the leaves can be used as a mulch or as a composting base.


Aerate your lawn

Lawn aeration is the process of poking holes into your lawn to let water, air and vital nutrients down into the roots of the grass. The grass will then become more resilient and healthier because of this. The reason this is so effective during winter is because the soil is generally less effective at retaining moisture. It’s because of this that lawn aeration is more important in winter than ever.


Plant the right stuff

If you’re looking at planting in winter, then you’ll want to pick the right plants and veggies that’ll not only survive the season but also thrive in it. Cabbage, lettuce and spinach are just a few of the many examples of vegetables that are perfect to plant in the winter time.

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons will also thrive in the winter time. So, if you’ve been waiting for that perfect time to plant a lemon or lime tree, then why not have a look at getting one started just before winter kicks in.

When it comes to the actual veggie garden, a good idea is to raise it up. If you’re expecting a lot of rainfall, then you don’t want your plants or veggies to be flooded with an overabundance of water (or just flooded for that matter). So, why not build a raised patch? This will lift the garden patch off the ground, pushing it slightly higher to the sun and protecting it from any potential water build-ups.


Mowing the lawn

With an influx of rainfall, your lawn will start to grow quite a lot, meaning you’ll have to cut it more often. The thing about maintaining your lawn though is that it’s easier to cut when the grass is dry. Not only because the process is easier, but also because the mower itself will encounter fewer problems. So, you have to be smart and plan your mowing days. Check the weather and make sure there’ll be no rain for at least two days prior to mowing the lawn.

If there doesn’t seem to be a long enough gap in the weather then you may have to put the mower on the higher setting and do the whole lawn two or three times, using a lower setting on each run. You should never mow the lawn in the rain.


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