Impressive Concrete Structures From Around The World (Our Top 6 Picks)


As a society, we’ve achieved some pretty impressive feats throughout time. One of those feats is how we can combine engineering and physical labour to build extraordinary buildings and monuments using concrete. As concrete contractors ourselves, we love looking at impressive concrete structures, so we thought we’d use today’s blog to share six impressive ones from around the world.


1.     Konzerthaus Blaibach, Germany

This German concert hall can be found in the small Bavarian town of Blaibach – or rather, beneath it. The majority of the concert hall is actually below ground so it doesn’t take up much of the town square. It is identified by the giant tilted granite roof/block that sticks out of the ground (and also houses the upper seats).

The granite was chosen because it matches the material of the other houses in the town. The concert hall’s interior is made entirely from concrete with the foyer adding some timber to the mix.


2.     Grande Dixence Dam, Switzerland

Three thousand workers and a whopping six million cubic metres of concrete were involved in the construction of the world’s largest gravity dam – coming in at 285 metres tall. The dam holds back over 400 billion cubic metres of water. The sheer power that this much water brings with it is evidence of how sturdily the dam is built.

Another point our concrete contractors find impressive is that this titan dam also powers four separate power stations and is capable of generating enough energy to power approximately 400,000 homes.


3.     Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. An awesome combination of steel and concrete brought us this sleek and record-breaking skyscraper. In fact, to be precise, 330,000 cubic metres of concrete were used for the tower itself whilst 45,000 cubic metres were used for the foundation. It stands at 828 metres tall and also holds the record for the highest vertical concrete pumping at 606 metres.


4.     The MuCEM, France

This structure is the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations and is located in Marseille, France. The building is actually a perfect cube with each side measuring 72 metres. The eye, however, will be drawn to this building due to the exterior’s unmistakable pattern and concrete design.

The surrounding concrete screen allows onlookers to appreciate its beauty (even in the evening with added lights to the exterior) whilst patrons of the museum can observe the bay from the inside – peering through the design’s gaps.


5.     Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

This religious monument is a globally recognised icon of the city of Rio de Janeiro and is featured in many tourist advertisements as well as television and movies. One of the fascinating things about this statue, though, is how it was built. It was predominantly built below the pinnacle of the mountain and then transported up using small cog-wheel trains – that were used for transporting tourists at the time.

Long wooden poles were then used as scaffolding to complete the statue once it was up on the pinnacle. The statue is 30 metres tall and the outstretched hands span 28 metres. It sits 704 metres above the city of Rio.


6.     The Pantheon, Italy

For our last entry, we thought we’d go a little bit ancient and talk about the Pantheon in Rome. It was completed around 126 – 128 A.D. and is the best-preserved ancient Roman structure to date. Built from concrete and bricks, the Pantheon takes a lot from Greek architecture with large columns at the entrance.

It also features a large rotunda with a domed ceiling and an opening at the top spanning just over eight metres that lets any outside element into the room. The domed ceiling itself is just over 43 metres in diameter.

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