How to Winter-Proof Your Garden

Winter is just around the corner, so in addition to getting your winter wardrobe ready and investing in some extra blankets, it’s a good idea to weather proof your garden. Here are some great ways to get your garden ready for the winter while the sun’s still out.


Look after your lawn

Although most lawn varieties are pretty hardy, it’s advisable to take some measures to protect your lawn from the wet and cold conditions of winter. The first step to maintaining a healthy-looking lawn throughout winter is covering it with a good quality fertiliser. You should also adjust your lawn mower so that it leaves longer blades of grass, which will improve photosynthesis and help to alleviate the effects of frost. Finally, aerating your lawn (either with a dedicated lawn aerator or a garden pitchfork) will improve drainage, giving the winter rain somewhere to go. This will prevent against soil compaction and allow more oxygen into the soil.

Protect your plants

Winter is a fantastic time to plant a huge variety of vegetables and other plants, however if you’ll still have to protect these new plants with a thick layer of mulch. Weed your garden to eliminate any seeds that may have spread over summer, and use a weed killer if necessary – however make sure you keep your children and pets well away from the garden until it has absorbed into the soil. A good way to protect vulnerable plants from frost is by building light, cloth covered frames around them. Tropical or subtropical plants, however, along with delicate herbs, should be moved inside or under cover (but where they still have access to sunlight).

Check trees for damage

Wild weather conditions can be quite dangerous, especially if you have trees with rotting or damaged branches in your backyard. If these branches come loose during a storm, they could severely damage your home, or worse, pose as a safety risk to you and your family. Check your trees for any sign of rot or damage and remove the offending branches, or the entire tree if necessary.

Get pruning

Pruning any bushes, roses and shrubs just before winter will help them to come back in full force when spring rolls around. Add these trimmings to your compost heap, along with raked up leaves and twigs.

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