How to Make your Patio More Private

Your home may have a fantastic outdoor area, but without adequate privacy, it’s unlikely you will get to use it very often. In this week’s blog, we explore some inventive ways to improve the privacy or your patio area.



Fencing is a great way to improve the privacy of your outdoor area as it can reduce the view that your neighbours have of your backyard. There are a lot of different fencing options you can choose from, including traditional wooden fences or gates, brick or concrete walls, hedges, trellises (which are great for growing vines on), vertical gardens, partitions and privacy screens and much more. A good fence will not only block any unwanted views, it will also match the aesthetics of your outdoor area and reduce noise.

Overhead Coverage

If a fence doesn’t provide you with enough privacy, you can also consider overhead coverage in the form of a pergola. Pergolas are great over outdoor patios as they not only improve privacy but also provide shade in summer, which may encourage you to spend more time outdoors. You can also grow climbing plants on your pergola or add curtains to create a canopy effect. As an alternative to a pergola, you could also install shade cloths above your patio area, or have the eaves from your house extend out further across your patio.

Strategic planting

Hedge fences and vertical gardens aren’t the only way you can use plants to enhance your backyard privacy, you can also plant large trees and ferns around your patio area as a way of secluding it from the rest of your backyard. Choose plants that require minimal upkeep so that you have time to enjoy relaxing in your newly private patio area.


Privacy isn’t just about blocking unwanted views, but also reducing incoming and outgoing noise from neighbours and nearby roads. The sound of running water is incredibly relaxing and will mask any unwanted sounds well. Fountains and other water features also work to create a point of interest in your backyard and offer the sensory experiences of touch and sight in addition to creating ambience through sound.

These great ideas will increase the privacy of your backyard, which will make it easier to spend more time outdoors. Prestige Concrete Services offer a range of concrete services across Melbourne and will work with you to ensure your concrete patio is private and functional.