How to Maintain your Concrete Driveway

Concrete is an affordable and durable solution for heavy traffic areas around your home or business but it does need to be regularly maintained. Concrete driveways are particularly vulnerable to staining as well as wear and tear; so regular maintenance is necessary to preserve both function and appearance. For those who are unsure about how to care for their driveway, here are a few quick, simple things you can do to ensure your driveway looks good and remains functional over it’s lifespan.



Clean regularly

Different driveways need different levels of maintenance depending on use and the presence of pollutants in the area. For the average suburban driveway, a proper power wash with a pressure cleaner every couple of months is recommended. You can buy a home pressure cleaner and do it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

Reapply sealer

When your driveway was originally surfaced, a sealant was placed over the top to prevent water damage and minimise the effects of weathering. Over time, this sealant is worn away with use and needs to be reapplied once every three to five years. The team at Prestige Concrete can assist you with your resealing needs.

Deal with stains immediately

Concrete is porous and will soak up liquids so if you spill something like oil or another chemical on the concrete, the degree of staining is going to depend on how quickly you can remove the spill. You can use anything absorbent to soak up the excess liquid; things like cat litter, sawdust, or cornflour will all work effectively. Once you have got rid of the liquid, you can clean the stain with soapy water or use a commercial concrete cleaning product.

Repair cracks as soon as you notice them

As your driveway ages, cracks will naturally appear due to weather and geological factors. The best way to minimise the damage done by these is to fill them with a commercial concrete repair product as soon as you notice them.

Be vigilant of plant life

Weeds love growing in the small cracks around your driveway and then making them bigger. Manually remove any weeks as soon as you spot them or use a weed killer to take care of larger problems. Keep an eye out for tree roots around your driveway as well as they can push up through the concrete and badly damage your driveway.

Know when to rebuild

Sometimes, it’s just better to start afresh and call in the professionals. The team at Prestige Concrete can resurface or completely replace your driveway at a reasonable cost. Call the leading concrete contractors in Melbourne today on 0411 440 157 to learn more.