How To Keep Concrete Cool In The Summer 

With the weather finally warming up in Melbourne, it feels like Summer is on the horizon. If you have concrete anywhere inside or outside your home, you may be wondering how to keep this material cool in the heat of the summer. Well, in this week’s blog, we share our top tips for keeping the temperature of your concrete at bay. 


What is the issue with extremely hot concrete? 

Hot weather can cause concrete to lose workability and finishability quicker; it can also decrease the concrete’s long-term durability. Luckily, there are several easy and effective solutions for preventing hot-weather concreting problems. The trick is to plan construction operations with hot weather in mind. This will ensure you don’t have to implement solutions on the day which will only make the bad situation worse, such as adding more water to the concrete mix.  

How to avoid hot-weather concreting problems 

One thing you can do to avoid concrete hot-weather issues is to break the job into smaller placements. By separating your project into smaller instalments, which do not take place in the hottest period of the day, you not only offer your construction workers more flexibility and better working conditions but also less issues with your concrete. Another way to keep concrete cool in the heat of the summer is to cool the mix ingredients or use chilled water, crushed ice or liquid nitrogen to cool the entire mix. The cement temperature can be so high in summer that it may be required to store cement longer to allow for cooling time. You can also cool aggregates by spraying them with clean water and then storing them in the shade.  

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