How to Create a Pet Friendly Garden


Balancing your pet’s love of the outdoors and your desire to have an aesthetically pleasing garden is no easy task. Many of the things we consider to be hallmarks of a stylish garden such as lush lawns and delicate flowers, tend to come off second best if you have a pet that likes to race around the garden and chew everything in sight. This week, we take a look at a few things you can do to create a pet friendly garden that still looks great.

Cover the soil

Bare soil is a veritable invitation for pets to dig, but it can be avoided. Try planting perennials in tight clusters to encourage your pets to walk around rather than through your garden. Ground covers like thyme are a good option if you need to cover the soil between larger plants that need more growing space. Mulch covering such as straw or tanbark is also


Think carefully about plants

Whilst delicate plants might look pretty to you, to your pet, they most likely look like a fun chew toy or something to dig up. Hardy perennial shrubs and small trees are the best way to go as they tend not to be targets for pet play. It’s also imperative that you keep your garden free of plants that are poisonous to your pet. Be careful to pre-plan what plants you want for your garden and check these against the list of pet poisons to avoid a trip to the vet. If you have a cat, planting in some catnip or catmint is a great way to encourage play outside and cat grass can be a delicious snack for cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets.


Provide shade

Australia has a harsh climate, so if you are leaving your pets outside for extended periods of time, particularly during the summer, it’s important to ensure they have access to both shade and water. Always have a bowl of fresh water at your backdoor and make sure there is a big shady tree or hardscaping feature that they can cool down beneath in the middle of the day.


Get rid of the grass

The lawn is one of the areas of a pet owner’s garden most prone to wear and tear. Running, digging, and animal urine all take a heavy toll on grass surfaces and result in a patchy, ugly lawn that struggles to survive all year round. Replacing turf with a durable surfacing solution such as exposed aggregate concrete will keep your garden looking elegant whilst still providing a space where your pets can run around.


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