How to choose the right type of concrete driveway for your home

The driveway is one of the main features of your home’s exterior and consequently this space plays a big role in the attractiveness of your property. When choosing the right driveway style for your home, there are several options available should you wish to opt for concrete as the main material. Today we explore 4 different types of concrete driveways and give you some helpful tips for choosing the best one to suit your home.

Plain and Coloured Concrete Driveways

Concrete is an extremely popular type of driveway material. It can be poured over any surface and is highly durable. If you think plain concrete is a bit lack-lustre you can choose from our range of coloured concrete shades and opt for one that complements your garden or the colour palette found in the exterior of your home. There is no need to stick with grey.

Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a highly attractive and durable concrete surface that is extremely versatile and comes in a wide variety of stylish colours and textures. Exposed aggregate finishes are created by pouring concrete with added aggregates such as pebbles, stones, slate and/or shell, and then sanding back the mix revealing the beautiful texture of the embedded materials near the surface which would otherwise be concealed by a thin layer of cement. The resulting finish appears extremely natural achieving a look which works very well with natural surroundings. Each exposed aggregate blend is beautiful in appearance and complements all weatherboard, brick and rendered homes.

There are a various different techniques than can be used to achieve this effect including water washing with a high pressure hose, abrasive blasting, acid etching and honing. A sealant is then applied to protect the finished surface, resulting in a striking, natural looking finish that will Exposed aggregate will significantly enhance the appearance and value of your property.

Prestige Concrete have built a strong reputation as innovators in exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne. Our exposed concrete aggregates come in a wide range of grades, colours and styles and you can rely on our team to engineer a finish that is both practical and visually stunning. This highly sought after driveway material can be used alongside other concrete types to create an extremely modern and sophisticated surface.


concrete driveways melbourne exposed aggregate

Stencil concrete driveways

Stencilled concrete can give the appearance of slate, tiles, pavers, brickwork or stone. The stencils can also have elaborate designs which give your driveway its own unique charm. Stencilled concrete patterns are created by manipulating the surface of the concrete pavement after the concrete has stiffened but prior to it becoming fully hardened. There are a wide range of stencil patterns available.

Slate concrete driveways

Slate concrete is a luxurious finish which adds both texture and depth to your driveway, created by stamping slate textured mats into ready mixed concrete prior to the setting stage in order to replicate slate or stone. Slate concrete can be sealed with a glossy finish to give your driveway a touch of elegance and sophistication. Many decorative slate patterns and colours are available.

Choosing the Right Type of Concrete Driveway for Your Home

How should you go about choosing the right driveway material for your home? A good place to start looking for ideas is our driveway gallery. You’ll find a large number of examples of the different types of driveways we have installed in different styles, designs and colours. After that it’s a good idea to start getting quotes from concrete driveway specialists like Prestige Concrete and compare prices, inclusions, experience, etc.

Our team of highly trained contractors have extensive experience in installing concrete driveways across Melbourne. We will work with you to select the concrete finish which is best suited to your individual needs. We consider a range of factors which we discuss with you prior to choosing the right material such as your budget, the length/size of your driveway, how you intend to use your driveway, and the style of your home. Whether you want a smooth, fine grade surface that is comfortable for the kiddies to run barefoot on as they play ball in the front yard or require a coarse, heavy exposure for maximum slip resistance, we can tailor the ideal driveway solution for you.