Home Design Trends We’ll Be Saying Goodbye to in 2017

As the year winds down, we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends which peaked in 2016, and our forecasts on what they’ll be replaced with in the new year.

Word art

Quote and word artworks have been around for over five years now and they’ve become a trite interior design cliché. Interior design works best when it takes a show, don’t tell approach, so instead of buying a map emblazoned with an inspiring travel quote, try displaying travel knick knacks and mixing hand made fabrics from different cultures to create a travellers’ den type of vibe.

Copper, rose gold and bronze everything

In 2016, these warm coloured metals looked fantastic against the cool colour palette that was being used in so many interiors but they’ve definitely peaked and are now beginning to feel a little on the nose and over exposed.


Big, geometric prints like chevron, stripes and polka dots in monochrome colours have definitely had their day. Now mass produced in every home wares store, the look is basic and formulaic. In 2017 we’ll see a shift towards more nuanced, authentic designs in the form of asymmetric and abstract shapes, as well as hand dyed fabrics.

Fiddle leaf figs

There’s a lot of conjecture amongst interior designers over whether the indoor plant trend of the last few years has seen better days or will reach new heights in 2017, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that fiddle leaf figs are overexposed and outdated. Although they’re a beautiful, sculptural indoor plant, fiddle leaf figs have been featured in every ‘on trend’ interior in 2016 and plenty of others besides. If you plan to continue expanding on the indoor plant trend in 2017, opt for less common plant varieties or mix it up with cut flowers.

Moroccan pouf

This is another overexposed and mass produced home accessory that has had its day. 2017 will be about a return to authentic fabrics and statement pieces that make living spaces feel personalised rather than mass produced, so an updated version of the pouf might be something like an antique Kilim rug made into a floor pillow.

Grey everything

Cool Scandinavian tones and the all white aesthetic will be retired in 2017 in favour of warmer, more experimental colours such as mink, mustard, and taupe. Polished concrete floors will also be edged out in the new year in favour of warmer terracotta tiling.


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