‘Greening’ Cement

Aside from water, cement is the most widely used material in the world. This is because cement is one of the main ingredients in concrete- which is a building material loved all over the world. Sturdy, affordable and widely available, there’s no wonder it’s such a popular material. However, with global temperatures rising, it’s important to also consider its damaging effects on the planet. In this week’s article, we’ll be exploring the eco-friendly potential of cement.


The facts

In Australia, every tonne of cement produced releases 0.82 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While this amount of CO2 may not seem like a “ton”, global cement productions exceeds 4 billion tonnes annually. This account for just under 10% of the planet’s CO2 emissions.

Taking steps to a better future

Across the cement industry, action has already been taken to reduce its carbon footprint. While these efforts have been a step in the right direction, cement production is responsible for so much of the CO2 emissions from this industry. For companies unwilling to part ways with cement altogether, less carbon-intensive practices should be implemented.

Alternatively, cement could be replaced with another kind of concrete, known as geopolymer concrete. In Australia, the transition to this new kind of concrete would be relatively smooth. This is because many of the ingredients required are already available. The main reason industry is hesitant to shift to this concrete lies simply in trust. Supply chains and large corporations are unlikely to disrupt their production process without first seeing examples of the new concrete in practice.

In any case, something must be done about climate change. Given that cement produces around 10% of global CO2 emissions, it makes sense to start here.

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