Four Outdoor Renovations that will Add Value to Your Home


If you’re contemplating an outdoor renovation for your home, you want to make sure that it’s going to give you a high return on investment. Not all renovation jobs are equal, so we’ve come up with a few that are almost guaranteed to add value to your home.

home renovation

Install a fence

Installing a fence is not only a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your home, it also strengthens your home’s security. There are many different fencing materials available (including wood, aluminium, wrought iron, bamboo and vinyl fencing) so you’re bound to find a fencing style that complements the existing look of your home. If you really want to ramp up the privacy, you could even install a concrete fence or wall.

Update your driveway

A well designed driveway makes all the difference to the overall look of your home, simultaneously adding practical value and street appeal. Consider resurfacing your tired old driveway with a new concrete finish like coloured concrete, patterned concrete or exposed aggregate, and be sure to emphasise it by lining it with native plants or decorative lighting.

Get in the garden

A scrappy garden can seriously detract from your home’s aesthetic, and, in turn, its value. Put your green thumb to use and start planting the garden of your dreams. If you’re being water conscious, native flowers, trees and shrubs are great options, and they’re easy to look after. Even rolling out some new lawn will make a world of difference.

Fix the facade

One of the most important aspects of home renovation is finding ways to make your home feel more welcoming. Since the front of your house is what guests (and later, prospective buyers) will see first, it pays to make it as warm and inviting as possible. Pay attention to your home’s façade and give it a lift with a fresh render, as well as a complementary coat of paint on the awnings, downpipes, and window frames. A great way to instantly make your home more appealing is by updating the front door.

These outdoor renovation ideas will not only give your home a much needed update, they’ll also significantly increase its value – so when the time comes to sell, you can be sure you’ve made a sound investment. Prestige Concrete Services are your trusted concrete contractors in Melbourne, and can help bring new life to your home with a concrete driveway, patio, or wall. Call us on 0411 440 157 today to enquire about our capabilities