5 Features That Make A Shopping Centre Stand Out


As commercial concrete specialists we’ve worked on several high-profile projects over the years including shopping centres – and we thought we’d share with you five features that can really define a shopping centre and make it a unique place for people to gather, shop and enjoy.

1.     Outdoor concrete zone

This is not an uncommon feature to have in a shopping centre – but it all comes down to how you use it. For starters, there are a number of different choices you can opt for in terms of concrete. Coloured concrete and exposed aggregate are highly customisable and can be planned to really represent the personality of the shopping centre. Exposed aggregate especially is favourable in smaller areas close to the centre as it’s slip-resistant.

Depending on the size, the area can house several outdoor restaurants – or even just a small sitting area where people can unwind after a day of shopping. Playgrounds can also be installed so kids can have some fun as well. Outdoor plaza’s such as these are great and can be highly versatile.

2.     Open-roof centres

A truly stand-out feature of a shopping centre is having a section with an open roof. From a design point of view, you can do a lot with this and it can offer some much needed natural light and air as the centres can get stuffy. If this is the case, then the exposed ground should be a sturdy concrete laid down by professional commercial concrete contractors as opposed to whichever material the rest of the centre’s paths are made up of.

The reason for this is that when it decides to rain you don’t want the paths becoming wet – as shopping centre walkways are usually quite slippery under these conditions. This, of course, is a bit of a wildcard as it will rain throughout the year and it can get quite intense at times. The next best thing is having large glass panes in place of the ceiling instead to still give you that sunlight.

3.     Public transport areas

Establishing dedicated areas for public transport is an essential addition to most shopping centres. Not only does it bolster the infrastructure but it also improves accessibility for those who may not be able to drive or have access to a car. Even if these are a few minutes walk from the centre itself, providing well-lit paths for the evenings is a bonus.

Depending on the breadth of the centre, the public transport zones can vary in extravagance and size. If you need any assistance with laying down the concrete for such a feature then our commercial concrete contractors will be happy to provide you with several solutions.

4.     Greenery meets concrete

When it comes to the centre’s exterior, using a large amount of coloured concrete can be quite beneficial and look fantastic. Whilst exposed aggregate is a fantastic and versatile type of concrete we recommend coloured concrete for these larger-scale tasks such as the extensive walkways that would surround the centre. Mixing this up with some plants/trees and fake grass can also yield fantastic results as it gives shoppers and employees a chance to relax and/or eat outside when the weather permits it.

Of course, greenery is also a helpful addition inside a shopping centre as it adds to the décor and improves the air quality if there’s enough of it around. Be creative – build an indoor garden on the top levels that reach over the balconies and can be viewed by the people below. Combined with large glass ceilings this can be a fantastic way to stay green and improve the overall vibe of the centre.

5.     A restaurant complex

Whilst most shopping centres have one or two food courts, some of them also have an area dedicated to sit-in restaurants. This could be around a little outdoor plaza (as we mentioned in our first point), inside the complex or even on the rooftop. It offers a nicer experience for shoppers and can make them feel like they’re somewhere other than a shopping centre after a long day of shopping.

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