Exposed aggregate is an increasingly popular concrete finish seen in many homes and commercial projects throughout Melbourne. This attractive, yet practical, concrete finish is hardwearing and will add a subtle, decorative touch to your home or commercial building.

Exposed aggregate’s durability makes it perfect for driveways, pathways, pool areas and outdoor entertainment areas. To create the exposed aggregate finish, concrete is poured with added aggregate such as pebbles, stones, slate and/or shell and then sanded back to reveal the beautiful texture of the embedded materials. A variety of techniques are used are used to achieve his effect including water washing with a high-pressure hose, abrasive blasting, acid etching and honing. A sealant is then applied to protect the finished surface, resulting in an eye-catching, natural looking finish that will enhance and add value to your home or commercial project.

Prestige Concrete are paving the way for innovation in exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne. Our expert team will work with you to find a durable, attractive concrete finish suited to your individual needs. Whether you want a smooth, fine grade surface that is “foot-friendly” for a garden path or require a coarse, heavy exposure for maximum slip resistance to improve driveway safety, we can provide the perfect solution. Our exposed concrete aggregates come in a wide range of grades, colours and styles and our team will come up with a finish that is both practical and visually stunning. For the best exposed aggregate concrete services in Melbourne, contact Prestige Concrete today and transform your driveway or garden landscape.