Do you need to build, modify, remove or repair a driveway crossover?

A driveway crossover (also referred to as a vehicle crossing, vehicular crossing or driveway crossing) is the section of the construction pathway between the road and the property (including any kerb and channel and footpath) which you use to get your vehicle from the road to the driveway on your property. The driveway crossover belongs to the owner of the property to which it provides access regardless of the fact that it is outside the property and in Victoria the construction and maintenance of the crossing is the responsibility of the property owner who requires vehicle access to the street.

Obtaining council approval for your crossover

Constructing a driveway generally involves crossing council land and in most cases a permit is required before you can construct a new or replacement driveway crossover. You will need to apply for a permit with your local council. If you construct a driveway crossover in Victoria without a council permit or approval or the crossing is not constructed to Council standards the Council may require the property owner of the permit holder to reconstruct the vehicle crossing or completely remove it and reinstate the footpath, nature strip and kerb and channel, in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 (clause 12 of schedule 10).


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Often you will be able to find out about the application process, any provisions your local Council has for vehicle crossings in their local laws and any municipal crossover policies on their website. A permit fee may be required. Most councils detail driveway crossover specifications which must be adhered to on their website. These specifications including things like the required distance from a street corner and existing street furniture (such as poles, hydrants and bus shelters) and the minimum width of the crossover.
In most cases council specifications indicate that industrial/commercial vehicle crossings must, at minimum, be either:

  • at least 150mm thick and made of concrete reinforced with SL82 mesh as per Australian Standard 4671:2001


  • at least 200mm thick and made of unreinforced concrete

It is important to note that this is just a minimum, and most Councils do not recommend that crossings be constructed to minimum thicknesses.
You may have to arrange for an inspection of the driveway crossover as part of the application process. Council may require a person carrying out the crossover works to be supervised by a Council officer, to ensure the crossing is constructed to Council’s satisfaction.

Road closure and planning permits

You may also need a road closure permit and/or a planning permit before a vehicle crossing permit depending on Council policy and the classification of the street you are building the crossing, whether the property is in a heritage area or whether the crossing will access a VicRoads declared main road.

It is best to contact your local council to find out exactly what the procedure is for obtaining approval and relevant permits when building, modifying, removing or repairing a driveway crossover.

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