Our Top 4 DIY Projects To Keep You Busy In The Yard


Whether you’re stuck at home due to restrictions or are just looking for a weekend project to do – our concrete contractors have got you covered with four fantastic DIY projects to keep you busy in the yard. The following four projects will all be achievable using readily available and easily purchasable tools and materials to make things easier.

1.     Trellis creations

Trellises are great for being mounted on walls and hanging planters or planting climbing plants below them. But you can also make them into brilliant stand-alone structures such as arches which can be placed over a driveway, path or even a small bench in your yard and offer you a great little oasis. Use sturdy wooden beams on the outsides as borders and plant them below ground to hold the structure in place. Alternatively – if you’re feeling a bit more old-school DIY – you can make your own trellises with some thin picket pieces and string. This will give it that rustic, personal touch.

2.     Water features

To achieve the best results, you’ll need to look into a water pump that will continuously cycle the water. You’ll also need a waterproof container or a ditch where you can lay some tarp that will act as the basin so-to-speak. Funnel the hose of the pump out through whichever decorations you’ve chosen, so it sits at the base of them or a bit above (camouflage the hose for the best effect).

The decorations could be anything from large pebbles to small, hardy shrubbery – this is your chance to be creative. You can also build levels with large stones, so the water runs downwards into a small pond. This imagining will need a bit more effort, however, as you may need to drill holes through the stones for the hose to funnel through. Similarly, using angled clay pots will produce a gorgeous feature – just glue the pots together using some industrial level adhesive to ensure they stay in place.

3.     Raised garden beds

The ultimate in garden DIYs, raised garden bed’s offer you gorgeous aesthetic value and a practical end-product. Not only are they easy to make – but they’ll also bring several benefits such as improved drainage and water retention, easy categorisation, flood protection (for your plants) and fewer weeds. What’s even better, is that they’re not very hard to make.

For a simple, square/rectangular raised garden bed you’ll only need four pieces of wooden planks (the sizes will depend on how big you’ll want the bed to be), some nails and a hammer. You can also opt to use a drill and screws but for a simple bed, a hammer and nails will suffice. If you’re thinking of forming a raised garden bed in a more elaborate shape, then we recommend cutting the edges of the planks angularly for a clean fit on the other ends.

4.     Pergola

If you feel like taking on a larger project and have the space for it – then our concrete contractors recommend looking into building a pergola. Pergola comes in all shapes, sizes and designs but you can’t go wrong with a classic timber variety – whether it’s over grass, a path or a deck. You’ll need four strong pieces for the bases to be planted into the ground at each corner. The tops will need to be partially cut angularly (similarly to the raised garden beds) so that the top planks can connect smoothly. Alternatively – you can attach the connectors on the outside with overshooting edges that can be later used to hang decorations or plants.

For the top planks that sit across – there are two approaches you can try. To keep a smoother approach, you can try and cut them exactly to size so they can fit perfectly from end to end. For this, you’ll need to do some pretty rigorous measuring with all the pieces on the ground in a mock-up design before setting anything in place.

The other option goes well with the overshooting border beams and involves the crossed beams overhanging. Feel free to add an extra layer of timber on top of those going the other way to form a criss-cross pattern. For the overhanging planks you could cut them on a steeper angle – not for a nicer fit, but purely for decorative purposes. Don’t forget to sand any timber you cut.

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