Designing the Perfect Pool Patio Area

With summer drawing closer and the weather warming up, now is the time to perfect your outdoor entertainment setup. In Melbourne’s searing summer heat, having a pool is a godsend, but many homeowners fail to properly capitalise on the potential of this landscaping feature. Having a proper outdoor living space extends the potential of your pool area and will make it the central focal point in your home over summer. In this week’s article we examine the essential elements of a stylish pool area.


Stylish surfacing

Surfacing is really what defines a pool patio are and gives it a sense of continuity. Decorative surfacing is a great way to accentuate the appearance of the pool and make a distinct design statement without compromising on functionality. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great choice for Melbourne home owners, as it is highly durable, provides plenty of surface traction even when wet, and gives the pool area a natural, almost beachy vibe.


Lounge seating area

Outdoor living areas are an enormous trend in 2016, and with more weather resistant fabrics coming on to the market, many homeowners are choosing to create a complete alfresco living room. Full lounge settings, coffee tables and textiles like throw cushions and rugs are becoming an increasingly common sight in Australian backyards.


Proper lighting

A properly designed outdoor pool patio area should be well lit enough to be utilised long after the sun goes down. There are a plethora of outdoor lighting options on the market, which range from budget options like lanterns and tiki torches which provide soft, candlelit ambience, that’s perfect for intimate gatherings, through to sophisticated systems that let you highlight different areas of the garden.



Greenery is what invigorates outdoor living spaces, and leaving it out of your pool patio design will leave the area looking a little bit sterile. Low maintenance plants like palms, succulents, and native grasses are popular choices for poolside greenery, as they are hardy and help to create a kind of beach holiday atmosphere.


Elemental features

The charm of outdoor spaces lies in their proximity to the elements, and it is possible to play this up in your landscape design. Fire pits, fountains, stone sculptures and wind chimes are all popular examples of ways people use the elements to make a bold design statement.


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