Design Principles 101: Balance

Landscaping design builds the foundation for the atmosphere of your outdoor area. Whether you use this area for socialising with friends and family, relaxing with a good book, or diligently gardening to your heart’s content, our gardens often represent an area of sanctuary in our homes. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the design principle of balance, as this can create an aura of tranquility and peace throughout your landscaping design.

“Just right”

To create an overarching sense of wholeness and flow throughout your garden space, focus on the design principle of balance. The age-old story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ really summarises this concept best: strive for design that is just right. This will mean different things to different people, depending on individual taste and required functionality in the outdoor area. Your design shouldn’t be skewed towards anything that is too extreme- you should aim to create balance through your garden space.

Rhythm ‘n’ order

One of the best ways to strike the right balance within your design is to explore rhythm and order. This includes considering how various elements in your garden interact, such as colour, plants, furniture and lighting. The best designs tend to focus around a key element- this can be anything you like. From there, you can build a narrative through your design by looking at how other elements “speak” to the core component of your design.

Repetition, grouping and sequence

To carry through with balance in your landscaping design, make use of three major processes: repetition, grouping and sequence. By thoughtfully repeating similar elements throughout your garden, you’re more likely to achieve balance through the space. Consider grouping as well; how will different elements work together within a certain area of the garden? Lastly, to visually guide the eye through the space, pay attention to the continuous flow of various plants, colours and furniture.

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