Concrete Driveways: The Definitive Maintenance Guide


When it comes to concrete driveways in Melbourne, you’re going to want to make sure you know how to maintain them. We get a wide range of erratic weather and the elements can really take a toll on your driveway – especially when they change so rapidly. So, our experts thought it was time they crafted a definitive maintenance guide for you to consume in the hopes that you’ll be able to combat the unsystematic weather we’re facing at the moment and in the future.


Keep it clean

Whether it’s a brand-new concrete driveway or a veteran one – you should always strive to keep it clean. Even things that you may consider insignificant – like leaves or cut grass – should be swept off of your driveway. This is especially the case if they’re wet as the pigments from the leaves can stain your concrete.

Whilst these stains aren’t permanent – they do make for a challenge to scrub off. You should especially keep your driveway clear in autumn as the leaves will obviously be falling a lot more.

Try to minimise the chances of any oil or petrol stains as they can not only stain concrete but damage it as well. If there are any leakages of this matter, then there are specific products you can use such as degreasers that will clean up these sorts of stains.


Keep an eye out for damage

Your concrete driveway should be monitored for any damage as even minor damage can lead to greater issues down the track. These should be addressed as soon as they’re identified to avoid future problems. Sometimes cracks can just be cosmetic, or they could be more serious.

This is especially the case if cracks form after a new driveway has been completed as it’s common for the moisture in new concrete to cause shrinkage – which then leads to cracks occurring. The best a concrete contractor can do is work to mitigate and control the cracks by establishing an effective base.

If you are worried – and also just to be sure and cover all bases – you can fill the cracks with more concrete. Be sure to use a brush to clean out any debris first and then pressure wash it before mixing concrete and filling it in.


Beware of the surrounding greenery

Believe it or not, there are some plants and trees whose roots can cause havoc on concrete driveways in Melbourne. This is because if they’re close enough, the roots can spread and damage the concrete – pushing it up and compromising its structural integrity.

You should aim to keep trees and certain plants at least three-four metres away from your concrete driveway. There are certain trees and plants, however, whose roots won’t spread like slow-growing or fruitless trees.


Sealing your driveway

You should seal your driveway every couple of years, ideally. Why? Because it protects it from stains and also minimises water damage drastically. It also gives it a nice finish and increases its overall resilience to natural elements.

You can hire a professional to do this for you or you can do it yourself. If you’re not sure, then check our FAQ on exposed aggregate concrete sealing for some more information.


Water damage

Sometimes water can seep into your concrete and freeze – especially if it’s not sealed. If water freezes in your concrete, it will cause it to expand and then crack. This is where cracks start to become more than cosmetic as they can go deeper into the concrete structure.

This is why it’s a good idea for concrete driveways to be slightly slanted so the water can run into the storm drains in the street and don’t pool up over your driveway. The last thing you want is a large build-up of water to just sit on your concrete.


Looking for concrete driveways in Melbourne?

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