FAQ About Concrete Driveways


At Prestige concrete, we understand that Melbournians love their concrete driveways. The perfect driveway is much more than a car space, though. It’s a place for your kids to play in as well as a stylish complement to the rest of your house. In today’s blog, we’re going to have a look at some questions that we receive frequently concerning the maintenance and installation of concrete driveways in Melbourne.


How long does a concrete driveway take to install?

This question relies heavily on a variety of factors. How large the driveway is actually going to be as well as the type of concrete that is being laid down are two common factors that affect the installation time heavily. An average concrete driveway will take around 1 – 3 days to install.

This is provided that the work is constant and uninterrupted. Weather is another factor that can occasionally interrupt work and extend the installation process. A good concrete contractor will factor all of these external elements in when looking at a driveway job.


What is a driveway base?

A driveway base is a foundation that a concrete driveway is laid on top of. It is generally made of gravel and will help strengthen the driveway, giving it a longer lasting lifespan.

This will also ensure that the concrete is laid on an even base, as opposed to straight onto the soil – which may not be even. This lessens the likelihood of uneven pressure distribution significantly – which means there’s less likelihood of cracks appearing in your driveway.


What is drainage planning and is it important?

You’ll need your driveway to act as an efficient drain conduit. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that if it rains, you don’t want the water to build-up in your yard and just form a pool. This can be quite inconvenient and sometimes lead to damages if water gets into your garage. The goal is for all the water to rundown your driveway and into the gutters on the street.

If done correctly, a good driveway will have virtually no excess surface water on it after it has rained. This leads us to the second reason, which is that it can end up damaging your concrete driveway. Surface water sitting on top of your driveway can have long-term effects such as spalling and – in more serious cases – long-term damages. Worst case, parts of your driveway will have to be redone completely – which can be quite costly.


What is concrete sealing?

Having your concrete driveway in Melbourne sealed helps to fight things such as surface water damage, oil spills and grease stains. A good driveway will need to be re-sealed every 2 – 3 years, depending on the type of concrete your driveway is. It is recommended that exposed aggregate driveways, for example, be re-sealed every two years.


How long before I can use my new concrete driveway?

Your average concrete driveway will heal and set enough to be driven on within a week. After seven days have passed, you should be fine to start using it with your vehicle. If you’re looking to park any heavy machinery or trucks on it, however, you should only do so after a month. This is because heavier vehicles put more strain on a standard residential concrete driveway, so more time should be allowed for it to strengthen.


Joints and cracks

Joints are placed in flat concrete jobs. They are rods that are placed between the concrete to control cracking. Cracking is inevitable when it comes to concrete driveways. It shouldn’t happen to brand new driveways, but it will happen eventually.

Joints help control those cracks as they allow the cracks to happen below the surface of the concrete – leaving the visible aesthetics unharmed. If surface cracks do occur, the joints will also help to make them seem less random and in more linear positions. This is because the joints are placed in specific positions with this in mind.


Do you need a concrete driveway in Melbourne?

If you’re looking to get a fabulous, stand-out concrete driveway in Melbourne, then Prestige Concrete is the company for you. Our highly trained and experienced contractors can work with you to achieve your dream driveway efficiently. We specialise in residential, commercial and local government projects and are familiar with various types of driveway designs and sizes.

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