Commercial Vs. Residential Buildings: What’s The Difference?


Whilst people might realise that commercial and residential buildings are two different types of buildings – it’s rare for people to understand why they’re different. There are actually quite a few reasons that separate the two types – such as permits and manpower. These differences are exactly what we’re going to be taking a look at in today’s blog, so let’s dive straight in!


Commercial buildings

First, the obvious. A commercial building is a building that is built with the purpose of acting as a place of business or service. An office building would be the most obvious example, or even a bar or restaurant. Commercial buildings typically tend to be larger concrete construction projects in comparison to residential buildings. Though it’s possible to have small-scale commercial buildings – like a small bar or café – they are generally larger in size.

With the larger size comes much more planning and liaising between the different parties involved. If a tall office building is being built that will house multiple different businesses, then there must be constant and meticulous supervision to ensure everything goes to plan. For starters, the overall floor space will be much larger than that of a residential home and large beams will be required to act as the support.

Plumbing will be far more advanced in a commercial building – not just because of the potential height of the building but also because each floor will require at least one bathroom as well as a kitchen. Electricals will also be more superior and complex. More-so than plumbing even, as there’ll most likely be dozens of computers and other electrical products being utilised by different companies simultaneously.

A commercial building is used in an entirely different way to that of a residential building and there are so many more facets and kinks that need to be added and considered during the building phase to make it a successful building. Things like egress requirements and disability access points are a must for the commercial construction world. Another key difference is the fact that steel is also used with concrete in the construction process of a commercial building – as steel is a much sturdier material. This is as opposed to residential buildings where wooden supports are used with concrete instead.


Residential buildings

A residential building is a house. A common misconception is that an apartment complex is considered a residential building, but as it is used to lease property to others it is considered a commercial building. A residential building is built with a concrete base – just like a commercial building is, but to a lesser degree as there won’t be as much physical pressure on the foundations of the building or foot traffic. This is also a reason why different grades of concrete are used in the construction process.

Both residential and commercial builders are required to be registered with the Victorian Building Authority but the permits required to build a residential building tend to be less complex than those required for commercial buildings. Each Council has its own permits and codes so it’s best to check with them before proceeding with a residential or commercial building. Planning permits must be first obtained for both of the concrete construction types.

Residential buildings end up being much cheaper generally as they’re done on a much smaller scale. This also means the equipment required to complete the task and the labour costs are cheaper as well. Because of the smaller scale, the builder in charge will most likely end up recruiting all of the contractors himself and personally meet with the architect on multiple occasions during the planning stages as well as during the building process. There can sometimes be a lot more flexibility involved with residential buildings as well.


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