How to Choose the Right Shade of Coloured Concrete for your Driveway

Although your driveway is a functional feature in your garden landscape, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some consideration into how it looks. Decorative concreting solutions like coloured, stencilled, and exposed aggregate concrete enable you to make an aesthetic statement, without compromising functionality. However, given the wide array of colours and finishes available, it can be a challenge to settle on the right choice for your driveway. In this article, we provide a few tips on how to pick the shade that’s right for your coloured concrete driveway.


If you have a large driveway

You have a couple of options that can suit a large driveway. A single, uniform colour along the whole stretch of the driveway can be dull in some cases – but if you choose a vibrant colour then that won’t be the case as much. You could even have some stencilling put in to jazz up the single colour a little bit. A long stretch of blue or yellow will give your house an almost fairy tale sort of vibe – similar to a yellow brick road.

The other option you can go with if you have a long driveway is to mix it up with multiple colours or styles. Keep in mind, however, that when you go with two different styles or colours the process will take a bit longer than usual. You can have stripes running through your driveway with alternating colours if you’re looking for a fun vibe. Or, consider changing the edges of the driveway to a different colour or even a different concrete type. Combining exposed aggregate with coloured concrete is a popular notion that can offer a large number of design possibilities.


If your driveway is in the sun

Typically, lighter colours work better in the shade and darker colours work better in the sun, but in the harsh Australian climate, dark, heat-absorbing colours aren’t necessarily the best choice during the summer months. We recommend choosing a bold, but not necessarily dark colour if your driveway is in a sunny position.

This way, the sun will still accentuate, rather than wash out the vibrant colour, and the driveway will be cooler during the summer months. On top of this, you don’t want the sun constantly reflecting its light off of your driveway. This can be annoying and possibly dangerous if reflected at the right angle. You won’t have this problem with the darker colours, though, as they’ll absorb the light instead.


If you want to play up the colours in your garden

If your plants are the pride and joy of your yard, then you can use hardscaping finishes to draw out specific colours. The number or paving colours available makes it easy to match or contrast your driveway with your garden palette.

Warm tones such as terracotta, for example, make glossy green foliage pop and gives the garden a distinctly tropical feel. It’s definitely a better idea to go with the contrasting option as it won’t detract too much attention from your garden and will instead seem like a perfect backdrop.

If you want to match the rest of the house

Naturally, you’re going to want to choose a colour that aligns with the pre-existing style of your home, but it’s important to create visual balance by choosing a complimentary, rather than a matching colour. For example, if your house is painted blue, investigate soft grey concrete tones first, as these echo the blue tones of your house, without overwhelming the eye.

Consider the material that the house is made from as well when selecting a shade for your driveway as well. Also, how close is your driveway to your actual house? Some houses may not necessarily be right next to the driveways and this plays a part in the whole process. If they’re further enough away, then you could go for completely contrasting shades and it may actually suit.


Interested in a coloured concrete driveway?

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