Keeping Your Dog Active During Quarantine

Being in quarantine can be challenging for some, but it can be even harder on dogs who may be used to more active lifestyles. Well, we have some good news. Our concrete contractors thought they’d give you some tips on how to maintain your pet’s active lifestyle during the quarantine.


Plenty of fetch

Whether it’s with a ball or their favourite toy, fetch is a timeless and stimulating activity for dogs and is something that you don’t have to really go out of your way to do either. If you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen you can stop every now and then to throw or kick the ball/toy and they’ll be back for more.

Set aside some dedicated time to play fetch so they get a good session in and tire themselves out. If you’re working from home, then it’s a good idea to get this done in the morning so they’re feeling relatively tired during the middle of the day – allowing you to do what you need to do uninterrupted.


Chase them around

Some dogs love to be chased and you can really see the look of pure joy and excitement on their face whilst you’re chasing them. Every now and then you can even see them looking back to make sure you’re still chasing them which our concrete contractors find adorable. This is a great alternative to playing fetch and is also a great exercise for you.


Treats in a kong

This can encourage your dog to really go to town on their toy kong because they know they’ll be rewarded with treats. There is a huge variety of different shapes and types of kong toys that you can purchase for your dog. There are even some types of toys where you can conceal treats in them, and your dog will have to use their mind to navigate and unlock them instead of just gnawing at the kong to physically get them out.


Teach them tricks

It’s never too late to teach a dog new tricks. As long as they know basic commands like sit and stay – teaching them new tricks should be a walk in the park (pun intended). Make sure to teach them in short sessions no longer than ten minutes and praise them enthusiastically (as I’m sure you usually do with most things) when they do the right thing. Have treats with you as well to reward them.


Refresh old tricks

Sometimes the oldies are the best – which is why our concrete contractors think you should use this opportunity to run through old tricks they know to refresh them. For example, test them and see how long they’ll stay sitting for in front of their food before you allow them to eat it and give them an extra treat afterwards if they follow your commands.


Utilise the backyard

Even if you don’t have a sizeable backyard, you can still do all the activities we’ve suggested above out in the yard – even the front yard – as your dog will enjoy the fresh air and natural terrain a lot more than being cooped up indoors – especially the larger dogs. You can play fetch with them without having to worry about damaging anything inside (depending on the size of your yard) and then afterwards they can relax on an outdoor cushion and embrace nice weather.


Take them for a walk

At the end of the day, you’re still allowed to take your dog for a walk – just make sure that if you’re going out with a friend it’s just one and not a group. Be wary of other walkers as well in terms of practising the 1.5m distancing rule. You can still be friendly and chat to other walkers – just don’t get too close to them.

Dog parks, unfortunately, are off the agenda as there will simply be too many people there if everyone started to go. We also recommend keeping your dog on their lead just to make them easier to manage.


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5 Plants To Match The Autumn Colour Palette

Yellowy green shrubbery and falling leaves – autumn is here and our concrete contractors in Melbourne believe it’s time to get busy in the garden. To help things along, we thought we’d get you started with five perfect plants that’ll match the colour of autumn – allowing your garden to really feel the season’s vibe.


1.    Marigold

These bright orange wonders are the perfect flowers to feature in your autumn garden. We’re particularly fond of French and signet marigolds due to the splash of red they feature. Both of these varieties feature thin stems which means they’re prone to drooping down into an amalgamation of orange, red and green. Our Melbourne-based concrete contractors believe that the shrubbery appearance can be quite lovely on the side of pathways in your garden as well.

Large-flowered marigolds are a different type as they sit upright on thicker stems – growing to around 60cm in height. As the name suggests, the flowers themselves are quite large and feature ruffled petals compacted together. Depending on what they’re planted with – they can either blend in to the background or really pop at you. Regardless, these heavy bloomers’ orange appeal is a treat for any autumn garden.


2.    Hibiscus

Hibiscus is available in an extensive range of colours across various varieties, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your autumn garden best. Tropical hibiscus is fantastic to work with as it can feature fantastic hues of orange, yellow and red – which contrast beautifully against the dark green leafy background. These hues are also well suited to coloured concrete solutions.

You might be thinking that this may be a similar feel to the marigold – but this is quite the opposite. Whilst the colours may be similar – hibiscus grows a lot scarcer amongst their greenery. They also bloom differently, making them distinctively unique.


3.    Carnations

Known for their endless colour combinations, carnations are absolutely gorgeous when grown in gardens and add a real sense of homeliness. To match the season’s colour palette – washed out carnations will probably work best. It may be tempting to flood your garden with rich purples, pinks and blues, but these colours are much more suited to winter and spring.

Whilst large flowered carnations are stunning, to complement the marigold and hibiscus (which are predominantly larger flowers) you should look at dwarf carnations. This way you can add some variety in size to your garden as well. Try planting them in hanging pots as well to give your garden a multi-layered appeal. Because of their size, these can also be planted on balcony gardens.


4.    Frangipani

Emitting a sweet fragrance, frangipani is a gorgeous flower available in hundreds of different varieties – but we think the tricoloured frangipani fruit salad is best suited for an autumn garden. The petals are slightly overlapped at the base in groups of five and the flowers tend to bloom quite closely to each other.

This means there are usually bursts of colour and sweetness in different spots around large green leaves. The three colours blend naturally into each other giving you striking hues that are easy on the senses. The best place to put fruit salad frangipani is in amongst large foliage – whether it be only a metre tall or a few metres.


5.    Dahlias

Unmistakeably unique, dahlias are autumn personified. With a mix of yellows, reds, pinks, purples and oranges, these lively plants can grow from anywhere between 40cm to 2m tall. One of the clinchers with dahlias is that not only do they come in several varieties – they’re all distinctively unique and gorgeous.

Your autumn garden would literally be blessed with any type of dahlia – from cactus (whose petals shoot out in all directions) to pompon and ball dahlias – which seem to have petals that are folded inwards to represent small tubes. With an exotic colour scheme as well, you’ll be pretty hard-pressed not to find a dahlia to suit your autumn garden.


Are you looking for concrete contractors in Melbourne?

Matching your garden to the autumn colour palette is a fantastic idea and can really change your home’s appearance without making any major changes. However, if you’re looking to go that one step further then why not look at adding or redoing some of your concrete?

Prestige Concrete Services are qualified and experienced Melbourne-based concrete contractors whose lengthy portfolio ranges from residential to commercial and local government concreting solutions.

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Crafting A Greenhouse In Your Backyard (5 Tips)

Ask any concrete contractor, a greenhouse is a fantastic addition to your backyard. You don’t even need to have a large backyard as greenhouses come in several shapes and sizes to suit all needs.

The benefit of a greenhouse is that you can grow certain types of flowers and plants all year round and they’ll be protected from the outside elements. They also just generally look pretty amazing. Join our team as they lay out five tips on crafting a greenhouse in your backyard.


1.    What do you want to grow?

You need to know what sort of climate your greenhouse will be before you can build it – and to figure that out, you need to know what you’re going to grow. It’s easiest to pick a host of plants that will all thrive in the same ecosystem. Write down the plants and then you can establish your ecosystem and what you’ll need to create it.

It’s important to note that extreme contrasting environments to the one outside will be expensive and require more hardware such as cooling and heating systems. These are best suited for larger greenhouses – but not impossible to manage for smaller ones.


2.    Size and garden style

Once you have your ecosystem sorted, you’ll need to figure out how big you want your greenhouse to be and also where your plants are going to sit. Are they going to be on shelves in pots, containers or terrariums?

Or are you going to be building the structure around a garden bed? If you’re looking at moving your greenhouse around to different parts of your garden then a more lightweight, portable greenhouse can also be looked at.


3.    Materials

When we think of greenhouses, we predominantly think of ones with glass panels. Whilst this is a popular and viable material – it’s not your only option. There are also hard plastics such as polycarbonate that can be used instead. Polycarbonate is a very attractive material as it’s actually more beneficial to your plants than glass is.

For starters, it lets in diffused light (which is actually better for plants as direct sunlight can sometimes be too intense) and secondly, because polycarbonate for greenhouses is usually double-walled, it’s better than a single pane of glass. If you do choose glass, ensure that it’s double-glazed (which can be costly).

The frame is the other important aspect to consider when looking at materials. Aluminium, plastic and wood are all great and popular materials. The first two are great but are terrible insulators and plastic can warp over time. Wood, on the other hand, is a great insulator but when exposed to extreme weather can deteriorate.

Your final option is UV treated PVC – which is a good insulator but because of its lightweight profile may not stand up to strong winds. We recommend aluminium or treated wood for the framing as your best options.


4.    Creating an environment

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to create a drastically different ecosystem to the one outside, you’ll need extra hardware like heating and cooling systems as well as an appropriately sealed greenhouse.

Even if this is not the case, you should still strive to monitor the two differing environments by taking the temperature regularly both inside and outside the greenhouse and comparing the results. Ideally, you’d want the temperatures to be different.


5.    Building site

Deciding if you’re going to build your greenhouse into the ground or not (for more mobility) is a crucial step. This is where a concrete contractor can offer their expertise as you might want a concrete base for it.

This can be especially useful for a greenhouse with shelves. If you are going to build it in a single location, then make sure you design it so it can be navigated easily for when you need to tend to the plants.


Do you need a concrete contractor?

Our concrete specialists know that there are few backyard features that look simultaneously fantastic as well as offer practicality as a greenhouse. That’s why we hope you can gain some inspiration and guidance from today’s blog.

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4 Backyard Accessories To Match The Wet Weather

Whilst it’s still summer for another week, we’ve been seeing a lot of rainy weather lately. This may not come as much of a shock, however, as we’re pretty used to this city’s indecisive weather patterns. But our concrete contractors in Melbourne believe that though you might not be able to enjoy the sun in your backyard – there are other ways you can still enjoy the outdoor weather. These ways come in the form of backyard accessories – and we’re going to be highlighting four of our top accessories for you in today’s blog.


1.    Extended decking

We know we’ve spoken about decks a few times before, but, they’re truly iconic and useful features to have in your backyard. Of course, the trick to enjoying the wet weather on a deck is to ensure that it’s adequately covered. You could literally have an entire outdoor living room and even kitchen on your deck and use them accordingly whilst it’s raining if you set it up properly.

The trick is to have an appropriate amount of clearance – our concrete contractors recommend about 1.5 metres – between the covering and where the deck actually ends. There are other precautions you can take as well, such as plastic side coverings in case the rain decides to come at you on an angle. These thick coverings hang vertically and can be rolled up when they’re not needed.


2.    A gazebo

A gazebo is great if you want to be a little closer to your garden. Whilst you can invest in plastic side coverings for a gazebo – it’s not as essential as you might think. As an alternative, consider extending the gazebo’s slanted roofing so it comes out further – whilst also continuing on a downward slant.

Depending on how tall the roof is and how steep the slant is – you may not need side coverings at all as the extended roof will offer sufficient protection from most rain events. You could have a small table and some chairs in the gazebo or even a BBQ. It can offer a nice environment to relax whilst taking in the ambience of the rainfall and gloomy weather.


3.    Mancave/relaxation room

Our concrete contractors in Melbourne have titled this one pretty broadly as it can essentially be whatever you’d like it to be, but it’s essentially just a small room that’s detached from your house – like a guesthouse. You can fill it with whatever you like. It can become a video game room, a man cave with a pool table, bar and television or even just a room with a couch and some speakers.

The last option is our favourite because you can utilise even the smallest spaces and then have an entire wall/door made from glass, so you have a view of your garden and the rain. The extent you want to go to in terms of giving it power and other amenities will depend on how you occupy it – but it’s still a great feature to have in your backyard during rainy weather as you can unwind with a book inside it and it will almost feel like you’re not at home.


4.    Covered pergola

Typically, pergolas have spaces in them to let the sunshine through – but for this particular type of pergola, we suggest putting glass panes on the ceiling. That way the sun can still shine through when it’s out – but you can also still relax beneath it when it’s raining. Depending on the size of it you can have some small furnishings in it as well.

You can also set up an undercover pathway leading from your house to the pergola to keep yourself dry when walking between them. The design ideas are absolutely endless when it comes to pergolas as well as they can be made from several different materials including concrete, wood and marble. They can also be designed so that the roof is slanted – which doubles as a practical aspect as the water will run down it.


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Concrete Driveways: The Definitive Maintenance Guide

When it comes to concrete driveways in Melbourne, you’re going to want to make sure you know how to maintain them. We get a wide range of erratic weather and the elements can really take a toll on your driveway – especially when they change so rapidly. So, our experts thought it was time they crafted a definitive maintenance guide for you to consume in the hopes that you’ll be able to combat the unsystematic weather we’re facing at the moment and in the future.


Keep it clean

Whether it’s a brand-new concrete driveway or a veteran one – you should always strive to keep it clean. Even things that you may consider insignificant – like leaves or cut grass – should be swept off of your driveway. This is especially the case if they’re wet as the pigments from the leaves can stain your concrete.

Whilst these stains aren’t permanent – they do make for a challenge to scrub off. You should especially keep your driveway clear in autumn as the leaves will obviously be falling a lot more.

Try to minimise the chances of any oil or petrol stains as they can not only stain concrete but damage it as well. If there are any leakages of this matter, then there are specific products you can use such as degreasers that will clean up these sorts of stains.


Keep an eye out for damage

Your concrete driveway should be monitored for any damage as even minor damage can lead to greater issues down the track. These should be addressed as soon as they’re identified to avoid future problems. Sometimes cracks can just be cosmetic, or they could be more serious.

This is especially the case if cracks form after a new driveway has been completed as it’s common for the moisture in new concrete to cause shrinkage – which then leads to cracks occurring. The best a concrete contractor can do is work to mitigate and control the cracks by establishing an effective base.

If you are worried – and also just to be sure and cover all bases – you can fill the cracks with more concrete. Be sure to use a brush to clean out any debris first and then pressure wash it before mixing concrete and filling it in.


Beware of the surrounding greenery

Believe it or not, there are some plants and trees whose roots can cause havoc on concrete driveways in Melbourne. This is because if they’re close enough, the roots can spread and damage the concrete – pushing it up and compromising its structural integrity.

You should aim to keep trees and certain plants at least three-four metres away from your concrete driveway. There are certain trees and plants, however, whose roots won’t spread like slow-growing or fruitless trees.


Sealing your driveway

You should seal your driveway every couple of years, ideally. Why? Because it protects it from stains and also minimises water damage drastically. It also gives it a nice finish and increases its overall resilience to natural elements.

You can hire a professional to do this for you or you can do it yourself. If you’re not sure, then check our FAQ on exposed aggregate concrete sealing for some more information.


Water damage

Sometimes water can seep into your concrete and freeze – especially if it’s not sealed. If water freezes in your concrete, it will cause it to expand and then crack. This is where cracks start to become more than cosmetic as they can go deeper into the concrete structure.

This is why it’s a good idea for concrete driveways to be slightly slanted so the water can run into the storm drains in the street and don’t pool up over your driveway. The last thing you want is a large build-up of water to just sit on your concrete.


Looking for concrete driveways in Melbourne?

Whether you need a brand new one made or are looking to refresh or reseal an older one – Prestige Concrete Services is the only concrete firm you’ll need. Our concrete driveways in Melbourne are high-quality and superiorly crafted with care. We’ve had experience dealing with residential, commercial and local government projects – giving us a diverse portfolio. Our jobs are well-planned and efficiently executed so your vision of a perfect driveway can be

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5 Summer Concrete Essentials

Summer is the best time to be outdoors. Hanging out with friends – or even just by yourself – in the great weather and taking in the atmosphere is the pinnacle of Australian culture. But the only thing that makes the summer better is making sure your backyard is equipped with the essential concrete accessories and features to take your relaxation to the next level. In today’s blog, our concrete contractors in Melbourne are going to detail five essential concrete summer features for your backyard.


1.    Concrete decking

We’re all familiar with the tried and true wood decking, but our Melbourne-based concrete contractors believe that the best type of decking is done with concrete. Technically it’s not really decking if it’s concrete – but the principle is the same, a raised area coming out the back of your house that’s made entirely out of concrete.

This is the perfect area for an outdoor dining setup. Dining table, chairs, lounges and even a kitchen or BBQ are all must-have elements that work perfectly with a concrete deck. The durability of the concrete also adds a lot to the mix. You’ll also have a lot of creative say with several types of concrete on offer and various design-styles and colours within each type.


2.    Pergolas

Ideal for homes with larger backyards – pergolas are the perfect addition for the summertime. They offer partially shaded areas and allow you to enjoy the day in style. Depending on what style you’re looking for you can purchase very classic looking pergolas or ones with more modern designs. They’re fantastic for putting a small lounge or table and chairs under and enjoying a nice lunch or cold drink.

These concrete structures typically have open roofs where you can grow thick vines to provide some shade – leaving small sunrays to peek through. Not only does this look incredible in your yard – but it’s also practical as it’s a way to enjoy the summer sun without constantly being in its rays directly.


3.    Flat concrete

Whilst we all love a bit of green in our yard, concrete is a lot more practical and much easier to maintain. Also, it offers a great space to play ball games such as basketball and downball. Our concrete contractors can offer a variety of different concrete styles such as coloured concrete or exposed aggregate.

Exposed aggregate concrete is fantastic because it brings with it several unique features such as anti-slip properties, high durability and versatility when it comes to the endless number of colours and aggregates that you can combine to give the concrete your own unique flair and personal touch.

Concrete is also much easier to place furnishings on compared to grass – giving you a stable base to sit and eat meals on or relax. You won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn every few weeks – just be sure that it’s swept every now and then and resealed every three or so years.


4.    Raised garden bed

If you’ve ever considered a raised garden bed – then now is the best time to look into it. Keeping your plants higher gives them more exposure to the sun and adds physical layers to your backyard. The best part is that this can be done with concrete. The raised garden bed can be designed with concrete to give it that industrial look or even to match your concrete below. You can also get pretty creative with the types of plants that you have in the higher gardens and surround them with pebbles.


5.    Swimming pool

Whilst this feature is a bit more excessive than the rest – it is an absolute summer essential. It can come in all shapes and sizes and you can have a lot of fun selecting the concrete that will border the pool. Once again, our Melbourne-based concrete contractors will suggest using exposed aggregate for poolside concreting due to its superior grip.


Looking for concrete contractors in Melbourne?

It’s not too late to look at upgrading your backyard with some brilliant summer concrete features. Here at Prestige Concrete Services, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality concrete solutions for both residential, local government and commercial applications. Our experienced and highly qualified concrete contractors are able to complete jobs efficiently and speedily and can help you select the right type of concrete to suit your needs.

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2020 Landscaping Trends You Need To Know

With the new year and decade, comes new ideas and designs. 2020 is here and the landscaping game is changing. We’re going to kick this year off with a blog that looks at the trends we think are going to take off this year. Our Melbourne concrete contractors saw some great stuff in 2019, but if you held out that backyard redesign for the new year, you’re going to want to check out these following trends for some inspiration!


Veggie gardens

Sustainability is absolutely the future. So, whether it’s a small patch or a fair chunk of your garden, a veggie garden is something you should definitely look into. Not only is this an eco-friendly and green approach to things, but it’s also a good hobby to get into. If you have kids, then that’s even better as they can learn about planting different vegetables and nurturing them as they grow.

If done properly, you can also make sure that it matches the rest of your backyard to keep up aesthetics. The other bonus of a veggie garden is that you save money since you won’t have to be buying your own vegetables.


Distinctive lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of those elements that can change the whole mood of a yard. It can really transform it into a magical landscape. As concrete contractors in Melbourne, we feel as if we’ll be seeing a lot more elaborate and distinctive light fixtures this year.

With outdoor lighting becoming smart, the possibilities have become even larger. You can create some pretty fantastic effects with lighting, whether they’re suspended or combined with water features or even just neon lighting strips around plants. You can program little light shows to entertain guests or the kids and set your lights to operate to a certain routine.

Night lights are definitely the way of the future and something our Melbourne concrete contractors believe will be a hot number in 2020. So, whether they’re smart or old fashioned, it’s definitely worth checking them out.


Outdoor living spaces

Moving your living room (or replicating it) outdoors is fantastic because it makes you feel like you’re on holidays – especially in the warmer seasons. Whilst this would predominantly be in your backyard, not everyone has the luxury of a backyard. But luckily there are things you can to in an apartment or townhouse as well.

Larger balconies and rooftops can also make great living spaces. Of course, we’re not just talking about a couple of chairs, but a table and some lounges as well if the area is large enough. Rooftops especially are great for this as they can offer incredible views and usually have room enough to entertain guests. You can also consider a garden rooftop – which is becoming increasingly popular.


Wood and concrete

The combination of concrete and natural finish wood decking and other features is a trend that will flourish in this new year. This gives a great contrast to your backyard and with the wooden decking you’ll also have some space to put furniture on. There’s a bit of landscaping work involved with wood decking but it’s all worth it in the end.


Fake grass

Australia is a very dry and arid country. We were never meant to have green grass and it can be such a hassle to maintain sometimes. It grows quite rapidly when it gets rain, or it dries out quickly in the sun. This is why we think fake grass is something more and more people will start to adopt in 2020.

There’s little to no maintenance required with fake grass and it always stays green. The only downside is that you can’t grow anything out of it – so if you’re looking to have a flowerbed, maybe don’t put fake grass all over your backyard.


Looking for concrete contractors in Melbourne?

There are a lot of great and exciting trends that we can look forward to seeing in 2020, and some of them won’t even be costly. No matter what your backyard landscaping plans are, Prestige Concrete Services have you covered. We specialise in concrete services and solutions across Melbourne. Our experienced contractors will work with you to realise your dream, giving you the backyard you’ve always wanted.

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5 Ideas For Making A Garden Work In An Apartment

Not everyone has access to a ground-level garden. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life devoid of green. Our concrete contractors know that there are several workarounds for this issue, and we’re going to be exploring five of them in today’s blog. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be inspired enough to go out there and start building your high-rise garden.


1.    The balcony pot-plant haven

Turn your balcony into a pot-plant haven by strategically (or randomly if that’s more your style) placing pot plants around the space. These promote a great atmosphere and also look fantastic when done properly.

You can also grow a climbing garden along the side of your balcony by putting up some crisscrossed wooden fencing against the wall and plant some wisteria or other climbing plants below in a little flower bed.

Over time, they’ll grow vertically and weave their way between the fencing. It will add a unique feel and aesthetic to your balcony and it’s something to admire when you’re out on it.


2.    Bonsai tree

Whether it’s on the balcony or inside, a Japanese bonsai tree – made famous in popular culture by the Karate Kid films – is a fantastic choice if you don’t mind some regular maintenance. These gorgeous plants are meant to promote balance, harmony and peace in our lives. They’re also meant to encourage decluttering – which is symbolised by the constant pruning and shaping of the tree.

There are several different styles of bonsai that you can purchase that each have unique perks and defining characteristics. As we mentioned, they require a fair bit of maintenance and caring to really thrive – but once they do, they can really balance the atmosphere of your space. The actual word bonsai literally translates to plant in a tray.

It’s much more than a plant, though – it’s a living landscape. You can even purchase larger bonsai’s which include little ceramic set-pieces that jazz up the scenery a little. There’s a lot you can do with these fantastic pieces of art and our concrete contractors love them.


3.    The rooftop garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment or townhouse with a rooftop level, then it’s literally the perfect opportunity to plant yourself a gorgeous and lush rooftop garden. If you want something easy, then you can do a larger version of the pot-plant balcony idea – or you can go for something completely different and extravagant.

Because you’ll have all this extra space you can actually put in some small garden beds. These can be on the ground level (well, walking level) or upon the parapets – which will give it a really special look – from both your angle and people looking up from below. With the extra space you’ll have in comparison to a balcony, you can also look at getting larger pot-plants to place in corners.


4.    Add a water feature

Generally, when people think of water features – they imagine these medium-large sized extravagant fountains. Whilst you can absolutely place one of these in your rooftop garden if you have the space – it’s not necessarily the be-all and end-all of this idea.

You can look at getting very small waterfalls that are the size of pot plants and place them with your miniature indoor garden. Whilst they’re not technically greenery, they look fantastic on their own or when partnered with some greenery – whether it’s indoor, on your balcony, or upon the rooftop.


5.    The bathroom greenhouse

It’s not uncommon nowadays for people to occupy their bathrooms with plants. It improves the atmosphere and perpetuates cleaner oxygen – and, seeing as the bathroom is considered a haven and important room for most, it’s not a bad idea to make it as serene as possible.

We suggest a handful of smaller pot plants around the room on raised surfaces and, if there’s room, a larger pot plant in a corner by your shower. They don’t have to be fancy flowers – though that will look quite pretty – but even simple foliage-type plants such as Colocasia or Hostas.


Looking for concrete contractors?

Even rooftop apartments or townhouses need concrete contractors, so when that time comes make sure you call Prestige Concrete Services. Our expert concrete contractors are highly trained and can assist you with all of your concrete needs. Our services branch from residential to commercial and even local government projects.

So, if you need concrete contractors, please give us a call on 0411 440 157. You can also get in touch with us by filling out the contact sheet found on our website.

6 Steps On Hosting The Best Christmas Lunch

Christmas is just over two weeks away. You could already have your plans sorted and don’t have to worry about much since you won’t be hosting anything – but for others, Christmas can be a bit more stressful. Preparing for even a small-sized Christmas gathering can require a lot of preparation. But have no fear because our concrete contractors have opted to write-up this six-step guide on how to host the best Christmas lunch – and it’s all possible in the next two weeks.


1.    Location and initial planning

Depending on what your backyard is like (and the weather) – you’ll probably want to have lunch outside. If we’re blessed with some perfect 23°, sunny weather, then there’s no reason not to host it outside. So, the next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you at least have a rough number of people who’ll be attending so you can organise seating arrangements.

You may already have some outdoor furnishings – or you may have to organise some extra tables and chairs for the day which you can just hire. Since it’s still a bit early to know what the weather will be like – make sure you have a contingency plan and enough room to host it indoors – or adequate coverage for the outside dining area.


2.    Dietary requirements

Some people are unable to eat certain things and other people prefer not to due to their own reasons. To avoid any unnecessary conflict or disappointment on the day – try to find out what people’s food preferences and dietary requirements are prior to the day. This will ensure you have ample time to work out what you’re going to make and budget everything.

This is also a good time to work out if other people will be making plates of food or dessert that they’ll bring. Communication is key as you don’t want to double up on any dishes or accidentally make too much of something that not a lot of people can eat.


3.    Setting up

We know that our concrete contractors love a good outdoor Christmas lunch, and we bet you do too. If all goes well and the weather will be good enough to host it outdoor, you’ll want to get up early enough to set up any extra tables or chairs that need to be placed outside. If you already have an outdoor barbecue area then that’ll definitely help things along. If you’re hiring extra furnishings for the event, then you should be able to pick them up a day or two prior.


4.    Organising drinks

Organising the bar is an element that you can have a lot of fun with because there are several routes you can take depending on how many people are coming and how extravagant you want to be. If you’re hosting quite a large party, then you should consider frozen cocktail/mocktail machines to keep everyone cool. Grab an esky – or a bucket if you don’t have an esky – and fill it up with ice and beers/water/soft drink cans.

If you’re hosting something a bit more lowkey then a small table in the corner can be home to a variety of spirits and people can help themselves – along with the ice bucket full of other beverages. You can even just keep the drinks indoors around your liquor cabinet if it’s a more intimate affair. Of course, if you really want to go all out then you can hire a bartender for the day.


5.    Entertainment

The 25th of December is the last day where it’s considered socially acceptable to play Christmas carols – so take full advantage of that! You can purchase portable Bluetooth speakers for pretty cheap nowadays as long as you don’t mind the sub-par sound quality. You can even sync a few of them together to spread the sound around your space – ensuring everyone gets an earful of that Christmas cheer.


6.    Dessert

Homemade desserts are always favoured during Christmas as they have that authentic and homely feel to them – but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing it with store-bought goodies. Cakes and assorted sweets from speciality shops and the supermarket are great because everyone can still have a small treat even if they don’t feel like something larger like a slice of cake.


Looking for concrete contractors before Christmas?

Here at Prestige Concrete Services, we love Christmas. And we understand how important it is for some people to impress their guests with their yards – which is why our concrete contractors can lay down new concrete in your front or backyard for you before Christmas. From stamped concrete to exposed aggregate – our impressive repertoire of styles and materials is sure to impress.

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All About Pressure Washing

As commercial concreters in Melbourne, we have to deal with a variety of projects of varying sizes. These large projects require a lot of work to finish – but they also require maintenance afterwards. This especially applies to larger commercial buildings that can be hard to clean as there’s so much ground to cover. This is where pressure washing can be a great tool. Today’s blog is going to be focusing on pressure washing and how it can suit various types of applications.


What is it?

Put simply, pressure washing is when you take advantage of a high-pressure stream of water to remove loose dirt, paint, mould or grime off of a surface. It is usually performed with a specially made hose that ensures a high-pressure burst of water.

The way this works is the pressure of the water is so high that it literally pushes off any unwanted aggregates or material using sheer force alone. For those areas with mass-build-ups, you may require something a bit extra though – such as a power washing solution.


Power Washing

Power washing is virtually identical to pressure washing as it still uses pressurised water to force particles off of a surface. The primary difference between these two, however, is the fact that power washing uses heated water.

This is a more effective solution for those tough-to-clean areas where there are serious build-ups of dirt and grime that the pressure hose just isn’t getting. This works in the same way as washing a dish, for example. If you wash it with soap and hot water then you’re more likely to clean it effectively as opposed to with cold water.


Applications of pressure washing

Pressure washing is used for a variety of applications across both commercial and residential landscapes. It works wonders on concrete especially – as it is commonly used to clean residential driveways every now and then, removing unwanted particles.

Pressure washing is a method often used around residential properties to give the property a quick spruce-up or new look without breaking the bank and going overboard. Even non-concrete surfaces such as vinyl or wood decking are commonly pressure washed – making it a highly versatile residential cleaning tool that anyone can use.

This essentially means that you can pressure clean the entire exterior of your home and yard once a year and have it looking nice and fresh constantly without the need for extensive planning or extra supplies. Pressure washing is also a key step when laying down exposed aggregate.

The need for a pressure washer becomes even more apparent when we take a look at commercial uses. Cleaning a commercial property can be quite a large task and a pressure washer makes that a lot more manageable. Public buildings need to be maintained and regular pressure washings help ensure that they’re kept in tip-top condition without the need for bringing in heaps of equipment.


Benefits of pressure washing

As well as improving the general curb appeal of the building, pressure washing has several other benefits.

  • You can actually save yourself some time and money by pressure washing your property once a year as certain particles of dirt or waste (such as bird droppings) can weaken the integrity of your surface – eventually leading towards decay.By pressure washing, you can remove these things before they have a chance to severely weaken the structure. That way you won’t have to spend big on repairs down the track – prolonging the life of the surface or structure.
  • It can be used on a myriad of surfaces, making it a highly desirable and used tool when cleaning both a commercial and residential property.
  • It is also effective at removing graffiti and spray paint which can be handy for businesses.


Looking for commercial concreters in Melbourne?

Prestige Concrete Services are premium commercial concreters in Melbourne that are well-versed in all aspects of the concreting profession. Our experienced and professional contractors can help you select the right type of concrete for your residential property and will work with you to ensure that your vision is being realised. We’re also able to work on commercial and local government concrete projects – making our Melbourne concreters highly versatile.

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