5 Things To Keep In Mind When Building A Commercial Carpark

A commercial carpark is not a simple concrete construction project as it may initially seem. There are a large number of factors that all affect the project in different ways and each carpark will have its own unique problems and things to consider. At the end of the day, a carpark is designed to be a space where customers and/or employees can park their cars. That’s why today, we’ll be having a look at five things that factor into building a commercial carpark and how to maximise your design to get the most efficient carpark possible.


1.   Its primary use

Different carparks will suit different uses. For example, carparks in shopping centres tend to be fairly regimented to the point where it’s just rows of car spaces across the carpark. Walkways should be considered so there’s a safe path to be taken to the building’s entrance. Or, if it is a train station carpark then a safe route to the station itself.

Train stations tend to have bus stops outside them nowadays so it’s important to factor that into the planning. What sort of weather does the area you’re building in typically tend to get? Will you need to put up sails or build a concrete roof? If it’s for a supermarket or a shopping centre that contains a supermarket then you’ll need to allocate an area for the trolleys to be stationed at.


2.   The design

After you’ve established what exactly it will be used for you can start designing the carpark. This is not as simple as drawing out where the car spots will be placed. You’ll need to factor in things like water runoff – so the carpark doesn’t get flooded when there’s heavy rain or a water main bursts. You should start with the outline of the carpark and work your way inwards when designing it on paper. Entrances and exits should be established first to make sure they lead to an appropriate area on the road.

When it comes to the car spaces, designing them in tandem with each other will maximise the number of spaces whilst still having appropriate space for driving lanes. Whilst functionality should always be the top of the list of priorities, generally a client will want it to look in some way aesthetically pleasing. So, you should keep that in mind when designing it. Also, make sure you’re operating within council boundaries and guidelines when undergoing a concrete construction project such as this.


3.   Functionality

This is closely linked with the design aspect and should be decided in conjunction with the design of the carpark. This detail decides things like how large the actual car spaces and driving lanes will be – as well if the lanes will be one way or two way. This is where you’ll also start to think about what sort of materials will best suit the construction of the carpark. Essentially if the carpark will be able to excel at what it is being designed for.


4.   The materials

This is a big one as the materials that you’ll be using will determine the durability and effectiveness of the carpark. Some popular materials used for carparks are:

  • Asphalt – Asphalt is quite resistant to weeds but is also fairly susceptible to cracking when laid down over large areas. This is mainly due to the natural movements of the Earth. However, it is also easy to repair and resurface as well as being fairly cheap to lay down in the first place.
  • Gravel – This is definitely the cheapest and quickest material that can be used as it is quite literally just loose gravelled that is laid out. Weeds and grass are able to sprout through it and some inconsistencies may arise if different sized gravel is used.
  • Concrete – Concrete can sometimes be around the same price range as asphalt if used on smaller spaces but for larger areas, concrete is more expensive. However, it is much more durable and requires very little maintenance with an estimated lifespan of around 50 years – double that of asphalt.


5.   Calculating cost and time

This point is important as you’ll assumedly have a budget to stick to and will want to stick to it. So, calculating the cost of materials and labour costs is essential to your concrete construction project.


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