Post-Quarantine Backyard Spruce-Up Guide


With restrictions easing around Melbourne, it’s time to dust off the backyard and prepare for those inevitable family gatherings that will soon follow. Not sure where to start? Our concrete contractors have you covered with our post-quarantine backyard spruce-up guide that’s designed to identify key points that may need a bit of work before visitors come over during summer.

Concrete paths

Start with the easy stuff – sweep any particles or aggregates off your concrete paths that may have blown onto them. If it looks like your concrete might need some work done – then it might be worth taking this opportunity to get in contact with our professional concrete contractors who can help revitalise your concrete, bringing it back to life – or, even lay down a new type if you’re looking for a complete overhaul.


If you’ve been maintaining your garden throughout the quarantine, then this process will be a lot simpler, however, if you haven’t felt up to tending to it, it might be worth vetting each plant and deciding which ones are salvageable and which should be replaced by fresher varieties. Do some research into which plants and flowers thrive best during Australia’s summers and which will complement your backyard’s aesthetic.

If you haven’t already, try edging your garden beds to create a distinct separation between them and the rest of your backyard. Small barrier fences also work wonders, and, the different styles can be matched to your yard’s aesthetic. Are you looking to add more plants to your repertoire whilst also trying a new style? Consider a raised garden bed, which can come in varying shapes and sizes.


Whether it’s dusting off old cushions, wiping down metal frames or hosing down timber seats – your outdoor furniture will probably need a bit of a refresh. The sheer combination of wind and heat is enough to cover your furnishings in a layer of unappealing dirt. If you think it’s time to purchase new furniture, then our concrete contractors recommend teak furnishings as it’s the most durable variety of timber – boasting resistance to rot, mildew, water and UV rays whilst still looking fantastic.

Alternatively, powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel are both great types that offer a modern and minimalist look. These types of metal are also resistant to corrosion which make them perfect for outdoor furniture. Though, they can get quite hot if left in direct sunlight so be wary of that. If your frames are fine and you just need new cushions, we recommend solution-dyed acrylic which has a high resistance to all elements, mould and mildew (though not completely impervious) whilst still being quite soft and breathable – making it perfect for the summer.

BBQ/outdoor kitchen

Whether you’ve been using your BBQ/outdoor kitchen during quarantine or not – it’s always good to give them a thorough clean every now and then. There are special wipes you can purchase for BBQ grills that will help you clean away layers of gunk. Fire it up and use a spatula to scrape away some of the grime that’s a bit harder to get with just the wipes. For your BBQ’s exterior and countertops/surfaces on your outdoor kitchen, a cloth with soapy water will suffice. 

This is an especially important practice to get into before using your outdoor kitchen each time as the outside elements will cause it to gather more dirt than a normal inside kitchen – and, the last thing you want to do is set down food on such a surface. The same method should be used to clean a fridge’s exterior – the interior can be cleaned the same as any fridge.

Do you require concrete contractors in Melbourne?

Preparing your backyard for guests is an exciting time – especially when it’s been so long since you’ve had any – so why not put the best effort possible into it? We hope that our spruce-up guide has given you a solid direction to follow when tackling your backyard. 

And, remember, if you think your concrete needs some revitalising – or, you’re considering a completely new style – Prestige Concrete Services is at your service and ready to help. Our concrete contractors are well-versed with residential concreting solutions and can deliver high-calibre service in an unobtrusive fashion and with a fast turnaround, so it’ll be ready for summer.

If you’d like to know more about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0411 440 157 or fill out the contact sheet on our website.