Tiny Backyard? Here’s How To Create An Entertainment Area


Hanging out with a group of friends and family beside the barbeque seems to be a quintessential aspect of Australian life. However, considering the increased difficulty in buying a home – let alone one with a large backyard – this ideal vision is not always possible for everyone to achieve. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an entertainment area at all! Today, our experts in driveways in Point Cook have put together five top tips to make the most of the backyard space you’ve got.


Think about its main purpose

Defining the main function of your backyard can help give you a clear guide on the design elements you can use to enhance the space. For instance, if you are hoping to use your backyard mainly for dining, realising this fact will eliminate a lot of confusing possibilities and provide clarity on the kind of vision you hope to achieve. Instead of fussing over your garden (for example), knowing you’d like to concentrate on creating a dining area means you can invest in that first and work from there.


Seating is key

The most important part of any entertainment area is seating. After all, entertaining friends and family is about coming together in a shared space and enjoying the company. There are a few different ways you can get inventive with seating plans, even when you have limited space:

  • Make the low walls that support raised garden beds multifunctional by using them as seating
  • Create a seating nook in the corner of the garden, rather than in the middle
  • Choose seating that can be folded away or stacked when not in use
  • Add a freestanding pergola to add an extra sense of space.


Vertical landscaping

Adding greenery to your entertainment space can help it to feel well-considered, full, and welcoming. But perhaps you are forced to consider ditching the garden in place of the entertainment area. A small space means you have to choose, right?

Not necessarily. Designing a creative and unique garden doesn’t have to be costly – and it doesn’t have to take up your whole backyard, either. Vertical landscaping is the perfect solution for adding a touch of greenery to a small backyard. And if you train an espalier, you can essentially grow any tree or plant vertically, from fruit trees to ornamentals (such as camellias), so you aren’t just limited to vine plants.


Trick the eye into believing there’s more space

Deepening your garden space is easier than you think. It’s all about optical illusions! While using these tricks obviously doesn’t affect the actual amount of space available, they can help to create the aura of spaciousness that is often associated with an entertainment area.

In order to construct the illusion of more space, you could:

  • Use mirrors in your garden (especially a long mirror that is partially behind some foliage, as this can make your backyard look fuller and livelier)
  • Paint walls white for a summery, spacious look (the same rules apply to interior design, too).


Use pathways

Concrete pavers and stone pathways can help draw the eye to your main focal point. Pathways can also add dimension to the illusion of extra space in a backyard, since they encourage the eye to follow their individual shapes, rather than taking in the backyard as a whole.

Plus, pavers and pathways are functional! Whether you have a vegetable patch that needs to be regularly accessed and cared for, or a dining area in the middle of your backyard, a pathway is a stylish and practical landscaping choice for any garden.


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