5 Ideas For Making A Garden Work In An Apartment


Not everyone has access to a ground-level garden. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life devoid of green. Our concrete contractors know that there are several workarounds for this issue, and we’re going to be exploring five of them in today’s blog. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be inspired enough to go out there and start building your high-rise garden.


1.    The balcony pot-plant haven

Turn your balcony into a pot-plant haven by strategically (or randomly if that’s more your style) placing pot plants around the space. These promote a great atmosphere and also look fantastic when done properly.

You can also grow a climbing garden along the side of your balcony by putting up some crisscrossed wooden fencing against the wall and plant some wisteria or other climbing plants below in a little flower bed.

Over time, they’ll grow vertically and weave their way between the fencing. It will add a unique feel and aesthetic to your balcony and it’s something to admire when you’re out on it.


2.    Bonsai tree

Whether it’s on the balcony or inside, a Japanese bonsai tree – made famous in popular culture by the Karate Kid films – is a fantastic choice if you don’t mind some regular maintenance. These gorgeous plants are meant to promote balance, harmony and peace in our lives. They’re also meant to encourage decluttering – which is symbolised by the constant pruning and shaping of the tree.

There are several different styles of bonsai that you can purchase that each have unique perks and defining characteristics. As we mentioned, they require a fair bit of maintenance and caring to really thrive – but once they do, they can really balance the atmosphere of your space. The actual word bonsai literally translates to plant in a tray.

It’s much more than a plant, though – it’s a living landscape. You can even purchase larger bonsai’s which include little ceramic set-pieces that jazz up the scenery a little. There’s a lot you can do with these fantastic pieces of art and our concrete contractors love them.


3.    The rooftop garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment or townhouse with a rooftop level, then it’s literally the perfect opportunity to plant yourself a gorgeous and lush rooftop garden. If you want something easy, then you can do a larger version of the pot-plant balcony idea – or you can go for something completely different and extravagant.

Because you’ll have all this extra space you can actually put in some small garden beds. These can be on the ground level (well, walking level) or upon the parapets – which will give it a really special look – from both your angle and people looking up from below. With the extra space you’ll have in comparison to a balcony, you can also look at getting larger pot-plants to place in corners.


4.    Add a water feature

Generally, when people think of water features – they imagine these medium-large sized extravagant fountains. Whilst you can absolutely place one of these in your rooftop garden if you have the space – it’s not necessarily the be-all and end-all of this idea.

You can look at getting very small waterfalls that are the size of pot plants and place them with your miniature indoor garden. Whilst they’re not technically greenery, they look fantastic on their own or when partnered with some greenery – whether it’s indoor, on your balcony, or upon the rooftop.


5.    The bathroom greenhouse

It’s not uncommon nowadays for people to occupy their bathrooms with plants. It improves the atmosphere and perpetuates cleaner oxygen – and, seeing as the bathroom is considered a haven and important room for most, it’s not a bad idea to make it as serene as possible.

We suggest a handful of smaller pot plants around the room on raised surfaces and, if there’s room, a larger pot plant in a corner by your shower. They don’t have to be fancy flowers – though that will look quite pretty – but even simple foliage-type plants such as Colocasia or Hostas.


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