All About Pressure Washing


As commercial concreters in Melbourne, we have to deal with a variety of projects of varying sizes. These large projects require a lot of work to finish – but they also require maintenance afterwards. This especially applies to larger commercial buildings that can be hard to clean as there’s so much ground to cover. This is where pressure washing can be a great tool. Today’s blog is going to be focusing on pressure washing and how it can suit various types of applications.


What is it?

Put simply, pressure washing is when you take advantage of a high-pressure stream of water to remove loose dirt, paint, mould or grime off of a surface. It is usually performed with a specially made hose that ensures a high-pressure burst of water.

The way this works is the pressure of the water is so high that it literally pushes off any unwanted aggregates or material using sheer force alone. For those areas with mass-build-ups, you may require something a bit extra though – such as a power washing solution.


Power Washing

Power washing is virtually identical to pressure washing as it still uses pressurised water to force particles off of a surface. The primary difference between these two, however, is the fact that power washing uses heated water.

This is a more effective solution for those tough-to-clean areas where there are serious build-ups of dirt and grime that the pressure hose just isn’t getting. This works in the same way as washing a dish, for example. If you wash it with soap and hot water then you’re more likely to clean it effectively as opposed to with cold water.


Applications of pressure washing

Pressure washing is used for a variety of applications across both commercial and residential landscapes. It works wonders on concrete especially – as it is commonly used to clean residential driveways every now and then, removing unwanted particles.

Pressure washing is a method often used around residential properties to give the property a quick spruce-up or new look without breaking the bank and going overboard. Even non-concrete surfaces such as vinyl or wood decking are commonly pressure washed – making it a highly versatile residential cleaning tool that anyone can use.

This essentially means that you can pressure clean the entire exterior of your home and yard once a year and have it looking nice and fresh constantly without the need for extensive planning or extra supplies. Pressure washing is also a key step when laying down exposed aggregate.

The need for a pressure washer becomes even more apparent when we take a look at commercial uses. Cleaning a commercial property can be quite a large task and a pressure washer makes that a lot more manageable. Public buildings need to be maintained and regular pressure washings help ensure that they’re kept in tip-top condition without the need for bringing in heaps of equipment.


Benefits of pressure washing

As well as improving the general curb appeal of the building, pressure washing has several other benefits.

  • You can actually save yourself some time and money by pressure washing your property once a year as certain particles of dirt or waste (such as bird droppings) can weaken the integrity of your surface – eventually leading towards decay.By pressure washing, you can remove these things before they have a chance to severely weaken the structure. That way you won’t have to spend big on repairs down the track – prolonging the life of the surface or structure.
  • It can be used on a myriad of surfaces, making it a highly desirable and used tool when cleaning both a commercial and residential property.
  • It is also effective at removing graffiti and spray paint which can be handy for businesses.


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