Spring Has Sprung: 7 Ways to Enjoy your Concrete Backyard


Spring has arrived ­and, whilst we’re still in lockdown for the time being, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your serene backyard and the gorgeous weather that complements it. Our concrete contractors have curated this list of activities you can indulge in whilst in your backyard – allowing you to make the most out of your concrete landscape.

1.     Have a BBQ

Barbecues aren’t just for when you’ve got mates or family around. If the weather’s good and you’ve got some great food, then fire up the barbecue and get cooking. To some, cooking over a barbecue is a calming activity. If you’re looking to go that extra step further, then a charcoal barbecue is considered to be quite a unique experience.

Whilst gas barbecues are far easier and achieve a near-similar result – the smoke that comes from cooking a nice piece of steak over coals is said to release a myriad of mouth-watering flavours that leave little to be desired. This is a slower and more methodical process which may require some trial and error in order to get the meat just the way you like it.

2.     Read a book

Now is the perfect time to catch up on that stack of novels you’ve been piling up (physically or digitally speaking). If you have an outdoor table and chairs, then utilise them and position yourself where you’ll be able to take advantage of the most possible sunlight. Sunglasses will also help to reduce glare and if you’re reading on a tablet or e-reader then don’t forget to turn the brightness up. Sunscreen and hats will prevent burning if there’s a particularly high UV rating that day or if you’re prone to easy sunburn. Fix yourself a cool, refreshing drink as well to complete the scene.

3.     Play with your dog

If you have a pet dog, then they’ll appreciate some exercise in the backyard. Whilst walks take them outside and allow them to explore the world beyond – sometimes they just need to play some old-fashioned fetch, whether it be with a ball or stick.

4.     Take your hobby outdoors

If you’ve taken up a hobby recently (or have stuck with an old one) then take it with you outdoors if possible. If it’s something creative like painting, then you might find some fresh inspiration in the warm spring climate – or, if you’ve been doing some writing, then the natural ambience could even spur some new ideas within you. Setting up an easel can be quite easy with a level concrete path – something our concrete contractors will be happy to organise for you.

5.     Consider yoga

Yoga is a highly beneficial exercising technique that will not only strengthen your body but also teach you mindfulness. Enjoying this routine outdoor in the elements is a fantastic way to take your mindfulness to new heights as you feel the breeze and listen to the natural elements occur around you. We do recommend a yoga matt if you’re thinking of partaking in this activity outdoors.

6.     Make a start on some DIY projects

2020 has been the perfect year for taking up home DIY projects – both small and large scale. And, since a lot of the construction-heavy projects require some outdoor work, spring is the ideal setting. Maybe you’ve decided it’s finally time to craft that raised garden bed or are looking to design a bench for you to relax on with a good book – either way, it’s not too hot or cold making it just right.

7.     Exercise in the sun

Similarly to yoga, exercising outdoors can be a refreshing change of scenery from an indoor workout. This is especially helpful if you can complete your routine outdoors without the need for indoor-only equipment. You might even find yourself working harder if the sun is out in full force.

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