7 Tips for Creating a Stylish, Kid Friendly Garden

Kids love playing outdoors, but if you have a carefully curated garden landscape, the thought of letting children run amok in it is probably terrifying. Creating a garden that is both kid and adult friendly can be a challenge but it is possible. This week, we run through seven key tips for creating a curated family friendly garden.

  1. Get a veggie patch

Having a veggie patch is a great educational tool to help your children learn about plants, the ecosystem, and where their food comes from, it’s also a great way to get them involved in the garden.


  1. Opt for open landscape design

Having an open or terraced landscape which you can survey from inside the house is an ideal way to keep an eye on your children as they play.


  1. Do away with water features

Water features like ponds, fountains, waterfalls or even birdbaths absolutely need to be avoided if you have small children, as there is a very real possibility of drowning.


  1. Have a mix of grass and concrete

Having a combination of concrete surfaces and grass gives your children more play options. Ball games, chasey and bike riding are best done on a hard surface, and will save your lawn from wear and tear due to heavy traffic.


  1. Choose your plants carefully

Whilst not running through a rose bush or taste testing a brightly coloured flower of berry might seem like common sense to you, to a child, these seem like perfectly appropriate outdoor activities. Child proof your garden by researching the plants you use and avoiding poisonous varieties and known irritants as well as spikes and thorns.


  1. Give them their own area

If you have a larger garden, consider giving your children a small portion they can call their own. With a scattering of pots or a small plot of soil to call their own, your children are free to experiment with planting, learn about the growing process, and feel like they have contributed to the beauty of their home.

  1. Try to incorporate interactive design elements into your garden

Things like stepping stones, living garden arches, and swings are all classic garden design features, but they can also make fun playthings for your children.


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