7 Plants That Are Perfect For A Winter Garden

With winter fast approaching you’re not going to be able to tend to your garden in the same capacity that you have been for the last few months. You’ll have to plan around the rain which can be hard to do when you’ve got other things to do. That’s why our concrete contractors have prepared a list of the seven best plants for your winter garden. Not only will these plants in the cold and damp weather, but they’ll also be colour appropriate for the dull season.


1.   English Primrose

These flowers are ideal as they come in almost every colour making it versatile and ideal for a winter garden. They’ll grow between 20cm and 30cm high and can expand 23cm outwards. Even in the cooler climates, they can soak up the full force of the sun and just need a regular watering – which is helped by rainy weather.


2.   Calendulas

These flowers concentrate on a more yellow/orange palette with colours such as apricot and cream – as well as orange and yellow. They can reach up to 60cm high and 45cm outwards, taking on a much smaller presence than the English primrose. They have a tolerance for many types of soil – provided the drainage is good.


3.   Pansy

Ranging from 15cm to 25.5cm tall, the pansy is a five-petaled flower that blooms over a long period of time consistently. It comes in a wide range of colours so you can pick the type that suits your garden best. Unlike the name suggests, the flower is very resilient and will bloom throughout winter.


4.   Winter Jasmine

This flower can reach quite large heights when left to grow, with a vine reaching anywhere between 122cm and 213cm tall – and that’s when it’s unsupported. If you secure it against a wall or fence, it can grow to 457cm tall. This is sure to be a feature piece in your winter garden as the bright yellow flowers will draw attention from visitors – especially if the winter jasmine grows to its full potential. Whilst good soil and full amounts of sun are preferred, winter jasmine will still grow through the winter time.


5.   Viola

These flowers are smaller than pansies but have more flowers per plant. They can come in blue, yellow, white and cream. They’re also available – similarly to the name – in violet or bi-coloured varieties. Because of their colourful variations, they’re great as border plants and to be put in edgings. These plants will thrive in the winter over summer so keep an eye on them when the warmer weather comes back as they may have run their course by then.


6.   Hellebore

This flower is most commonly known as the “Winter Rose”. It can bloom during the darkest times of the year when everything else seems to be freezing up. This is because of their deep roots. Their available colours feature plum, yellow, white and variety of pinks. They also contain patterns on the petals which look even better with the darker colours. This flower is unaffected by frost. It is one of the best winter flowers that you can plant.


7.   Camellia

There are a variety of different species of camellia that you can purchase but they are all – for the most part – great for winter gardens. They typically have a pinkish colour palette and can grow from 70mm all the way to over 130mm. Camellias are fairly resistant to pests and diseases and predominantly establish extensive root systems close to the surface. Though, it is not uncommon for deep roots to be established by the flower if it is watered properly and regularly. The bright pink aesthetic could be just what your winter garden needs to contrast against something like the hellebore’s darker tones.


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